Sunday, February 26, 2006

The First Warning

Thirteen years ago today, Osama bin Laden struck his first blow against the United States. His henchmen drove a rental truck full of explosives into the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center. The resulting terrorist attack killed six and injured over a thousand people. Ramzi Yousef masterminded the plot in four months while spending about ten thousand dollars on the sceme. First thought to be an accident, ivestigators found the vehicle identification number on a three hundred pound piece of
metal remains of the rental truck. The FBI traced the number to the rental agency and arrested Mohammed Salameh when he returned to collect a four hundred dollar deposit on the truck. The four men direcly involved were all arrested and sentanced to 240 years of prison.


"It should have been a wake-up call for America," said New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who held the same position at the time. "We simply didn't see it as an international conspiracy to destroy our society."

Largely because our government refused to acknowledge the importance of jihad in Islam.
The History Channel has this story listed in the crime section, and doesn't mention Islam or terrorism at all. Never mind recognizing the enemy, we couldn't even identify the motives, or connect the dots between this and previous attacks.

The significance of the attack "was not fully understood by the critical mass of the United States until Sept. 11, 2001," said James Kallstrom, a former FBI assistant director who is now Gov. George Pataki's senior adviser on terrorism.

I would say we still haven't.

The 1995 capture of Yousef in Pakistan signaled the emergence of a wealthy benefactor: Osama bin Laden. Yousef was found in a guest house for Afghan war veterans financed by bin Laden. He had sought refuge there after failing in a plot in the Philippines to kill 4,000 people by blowing up 12 U.S.-bound airliners.

A computer used by Yousef and interrogations of another terrorist who lived with him in Manila revealed that several Middle Eastern pilots were training at American flight schools. At least one had proposed hijacking a plane to crash into federal buildings.

Yet we still let Osama Bin Laden go free back in 1998 for fear some UAE Prince's might get killed in the process. Five years later we're trying to sell 21 of our ports to a UAE government-owned company. It's interesting what both of these incidents have in common. "We don't want to send the wrong message"
What message are they sending us?

Fear Of An Infidel Planet

reports the truth about the Islamic world's true intentions by simply reporting what they say. MSM please look away.
By Hillel Fendel

Sheikh Ismail Nawahda, preaching to Moslem masses on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Friday, has brought it out into the open: the call to restore the Moslem Khalifate, or, "Genuine Islamic Rule."
A plan for the "Return of the Khalifate" was published secretly in 2002 by a group called "The Guiding Helper Foundation." The group explained that it wished to "give direction to the educated Muslim populace in its increasing interest in the establishment of Islam as a practical system of rule."

This past Friday, Feb. 24, however, the plan went public. Sheikh Nawahda called publicly for the renewal of the Islamic Khalifate, which would "unite all the Moslems in the world against the infidels."

The Khalifate system features a leader, known as a Khalif, who heads worldwide Islam. Assisted by a ten-man council, his decisions are totally binding on all Moslems.

According to the Foundation's vision of the Khalifate, significant punishment can only be meted out for 14 crimes, including "accusing a chaste person of fornication," "not performing the formal prayer," and "not fasting during Ramadan."

The Foundation recommends working to restore the Moslem dictatorship using a system of small groups around the world. The purpose is so that the "enemies of Islam" who "will definitely try to stop us" will have a "much harder task, if not impossible, if they are faced with a myriad of small groups of differing locations, ethnicities," etc. This method also "ensures that if one group... is found and cut off, other similar groups will remain undetected."

Sheikh Nawahda reminded his Temple Mount audience that the first step taken by Muhammed in stabilizing his rule was to form the nucleus of the first Islamic country in the city of Medina. Nawahda also said that the status of Moslems around the world has dropped drastically ever since the collapse of the last Khalifate in 1924, after Turkey became a democratic republic.

Nawahda called upon the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority to rise above their personal and party interests, and said that Moslems must return to Islam and join forces in the struggle against the West. He praised the worldwide protests against the anti-Muhammed cartoons, and encouraged the Moslem public to continue such activities. He implied that those who insulted Muhammed are liable for death. The Sheikh designated the Moslem masses as a strong point that can be utilized in the fight against the West.

The red highlight is my own, I suggest we paste it to the foreheads of the talking heads.

Iran Threatens Israel Again

It's becoming routine for Iran's government to threaten or insult Israel. What's different this time is a specific target is mentioned.
If the United States launches an attack on Iran, the Islamic republic will retaliate with a military strike on Israel's main nuclear facility, an advisor to Iran's Revolutionary Guard said.

The advisor, Dr. Abasi, said Tehran would respond to an American attack with strikes on the Dimona nuclear reactor and other strategic Israeli sites such as the port city of Haifa and the Zakhariya area.

What's most troubling , this behavior will undoubtedly get worse as Iran comes closer to nuclear capability.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Port Plot Thckens

America for sale, UPI reports;

A United Arab Emirates government-owned company is poised to take over port terminal operations in 21 American ports, far more than the six widely reported

To make matter worse, nuclear cargo;

Nuclear Reactors Top Dubai Ports' Cargo List
Nuclear reactors are among the most significant U.S. exports shipped out of five of the six ports slated for takeover by a Dubai company next week

You see, It's no big deal...

Cuba And The Czechs

I gleaned this little nugget from
National Review

The Czech Republic and Cuba have long had a special relationship
—from Vaclav Havel down, Czechs have taken an extraordinary
interest in Cuban's suffering and unfreedom. (Jay
Nordlinger wrote about this in our March 14, 2005, issue. The
article was called , Solidarity, Exemplified. This special relationship
was glimpsed again when Helena Houdova was arrested
in Havana. Miss Houdova is a supermodel, and was Miss
Czech Republic in 1999. In addition to being a beauty, she does
beautiful things: She raises money for handicapped children all
over the world. In Cuba, she was taking pictures of a slum (the
type of environment that Castro and his apologists say is
impossible). Along with a companion, psychologist Mariana
Kroftova, she was arrested. Said the supermodel later, The
revolution's watchmen rose up because I was taking pictures ofsomething they do not like. The two women were detained for
eleven hours, during which time they were forbidden to contact
the Czech embassy. They were released when they signed a
pledge not to participate in any counterrevolutionary activities.
Their film was confiscated, but Miss Houdova managed
to hide the memory card of her digital camera in her bra. The
photos will be displayed later. Miss Houdova reported, They
screamed at us, and they even shouted that we were terrorists.
She also said, We grew up under Communism and know
what it's like. That's why Czech celebrities in Cuba don't act
like American celebrities in Cuba.

I wonder If Geo Clooney will do a movie about That. It's sad how the best movies examining thcommunism ills of Communsim are made overseas. I highly recommend "Burnt By The Sun" and "The Projectionist".

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Free Speech Ist Verbotten!

Dhimmi Watch reports a man in Germany arrested and sentenced to a year in prison (suspended for five years)for distributing toilet paper with the word Koran on it. I wonder how many mulims were arrested for this kind of hate speach?

Kinda looks like hate speech. The Muhajidine killed 163 people this week. One of the posters on Dhimmi Watch offered this insight;

It is time to make signs "Jews are apes and pigs, the viliest of creatures" and parade them in the streets, and in front of embassies, city halls, churches, mosques and synagogues. Get arrested, use non-violent resistance. Then at trial, let the evidence show the source material for the hate speech, "Uh , no, your honor, this didn't come out of Mein Kampf, I just copied it from this little book here with this intricate calligraphy on it." "May I see that book, please."
Posted by: Lisa [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 23, 2006 01:58 PM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Amboy Blogging Compound

The bustling metropolis that inspired the blog known as Amboy.

Bush's Unsafe Harbor

In a move that appears to be political suicide, President Bush stands by his decision to sell six major US ports from a UK company to the United Arab Emirates owned Dubai Ports World for 5.8 billion dollars. The U.S. Ports are in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. The outrage has been almost universal, both sides of the aisle begging for Bush to change his mind. Congress has gone as far as saying it will block the sale with legislation. Bush counter threats with a veto.

The reasons for concern are severe and numerous. First lets look at the UAE.

  • The UAE is one of only three countries to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government. As we all know, Afghanistan was the training grounds for Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. This gives the UAE an indirect link to 9/11.

  • The UAE was used as a financial center by some of the 9/11 hijackers.

  • Two of the 9/11 hijackers themselves are from the UAE.

  • The UAE doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist.

  • The UAE is not a democratic country.

  • Dubai Ports World is a state-run business, so effectively, our ports are being purchased by the UAE monarchy-styled government.

  • The UAE has financial ties to Iran.

  • The UAE has been accused of aiding the Iraqi insurgency.

Any one of the above reasons should be enough to discount The UAE as a potential purchaser, but Bush sees a silver lining. He's uniter, not a divider. Besides, if we don't submit to Dubai's will, then we hurt their feelings. The UAE does have American Bases, and Bush refers to the UAE as a ally against terror. But how does that change the connections to the Taliban and bin Laden?. Is it really so hard to believe that a country that is sympathetic to the Taliban might want to gain our trust in order to harm us? Since the Muslim world lacks the military strength, It must fight the “second Israel “ any way it can, whether by hijacking or other insidious means.

This, Mr. President is why Middle Eastern nations need to be held to a higher standard than real allies like the UK. Bill O'Reilley went as far as saying that those who oppose the port deal were somehow racist. Some have suggested that no one would complain if this were a German company. This a systemic denial of the true enemy. We are not at war with secular democracies. Jihad is not a race. Johnny Walker Lindh was a white American boy who found Islam and ran off to Afghanistan to join the Taliban. We are at war with Jihad. Jihad comes from Islam. Muslim nations are subject to sharia law, the Islamic code that structures their entire society. It's highly doubtful that such an ingrained concept that rules both religion and politics could be drastically changed in just four short years.

No matter how pure the intentions of Dubai may be, and no matter how careful American security precautions may be, the Islamic influence cannot be discounted. An individual within the company could find cracks in the system a lot easier in the United States than overseas. All too often we trust anti-terrorist operations to Muslim nations. The terrorists who bombed the USS Cole all escaped prison in Yemen and haven't been heard of since. Pakistan was trusted with the hunt for Osama bin Laden and he too, is still missing. Clinton had to hold off the bombing of Osama for killing Saudi princes who were with him at the time . Whether it's Saudi Arabia or Syria, terrorists seem to just conveniently disappear. This wouldn't have been a problem in Poland or England.

The Islamic world's jihad against “The Great Satan” didn't end on 9/11, thats just when we began to notice it. We shouldn't allow Dubai to run our ports for the same reason we wouldn't allow them to run our airlines.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bush Favors Port Deal

The AP reports That President Bush supports the United Arab Emirates based company Dubai Ports World purchasing the rights to six major US ports.

"I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company," Bush said. "I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, `We'll treat you fairly.'"

First of all, I voted for Mr. Bush, twice. I've been a Republican for almost twenty years., but I believe W is flat out wrong on this one. The above question barely even justifies a response. First of all, Great Briton is probably the best ally we've ever had, in the War On Terror especially. Secondly, the UAE is a flimsy ally at best., you won't hear Bush say that the UAE was one of the few countries that reconized the Taliban. The UAE doesn't reconize Israel. Lawmakers from both parties have noted that some of the Sept. 11 hijackers used the United Arab Emirates as an operational and financial base. In addition, critics contend the UAE was an important transfer point for shipments of smuggled nuclear components sent to Iran, North Korea and Libya by a Pakistani scientist. It's a matter of reconizing real allies over the almighty dollar. Most importantly, is a national security issue, is Bush naieve enough to believe that the UAE values our security as much as the UK? Frist seems to be on the ball;

""Frist, R-Tenn., threatened to introduce legislation to put the sale on hold if the White House did not delay the takeover."" Congressmen from both sides of the aisle have voiced concerns including Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif , Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y, Republican speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert, and Charles Schumer. Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich, during a tour of Baltimore's port on Tuesday, called the deal an "overly secretive process at the federal level."

T-Shirt Maker Receives Death Threats

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance
reports that Metrospy has received numerous death threats for selling a t-shirt with one of the Danish cartoons on it. Support
Metrospy , buy a t-shirt. If you don't like the concept of the Mohammad cartoon, they have lots of other shirts to choose from. If you don't have any money send them a supportive email. Metrospy deserves to operate thier business without the fear of violence.

Ohio Court Indicts Jihad Plotters

It's Shocking how under reported these stories are, how many Americans are totaly ignorant of stories like this that pop up every month or so. Training compounds in Oregon, terror cells in Sacramento and Lackawanna. All remarkably silent. Meanwhile, we get wall to wall coverage of Neil Entwhistle and Dick Cheney.

A grand jury in Ohio indicted three men for conspiring to kill people and for planning attacks against U.S. forces overseas, court documents showed on Tuesday.

The indictment said the three men -- Mohammad Zaki Amawi, Marwan Othman el-Hindi and Wassim Mazloum -- were part of a conspiracy that began in November 2004 to kill people outside the United States, including U.S. troops in Iraq.

"It was part of the conspiracy that one or more conspirators would recruit others to train for violent jihad against the United States and its allies in Iraq, and elsewhere, and would propose potential training sites for use in providing ongoing firearms, hand-to-hand combat, explosives and other paramilitary training to prospective recruits," the indictment said.

No big deal, put it on page a17 with the "wierd news".

Monday, February 20, 2006

More Cartoon News

Jason at
Liberty and Culture
has an interesting article on Flemming Rose's publishing of the dreaded and blasphemous cartoons in the Washington Post. Here is my humble effort;

Clinton wants the Danish cartoonist's convicted.

Michelle Malkin
has a map of the cartoon protests.

45 dead so far in Nigeria despite the fact that an official apology has been issued.

Jihad Here At Home

Northeast Intelligence Network
reports a disturbing trend of Jihad-minded Muslims here in the US.

All three former Islamic terrorists will tell you in first-person accounts about :

1. The Islamic terrorist plans, goals and recruitments of rank and file Muslims here in America, as well as around the world to engage in a continuing jihad against our way of life and the imposition of Islamic rule upon us all.

The Press ignores and the average American cannot come to grips with the fact that Islam is at war with us as perscribed by the Koran. The "War On Terror" will never end untill we meet this head on. It's not about cartoons, capitalism or oil. It's about Surah 9:5 ; "slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush." and over a hundred other Koranic references of violent Jihad towards infidels.

2. How we need to wage war on Islamic terrorism in the same manner as we did Nazi Germany; how our current level of retaliation is insufficient; their view that President George Bush is "not aggressive enough" in pursuing the current global War on Terror.
No matter how sensitive the West is to Muslims, Islam will never conform to a "melting pot" of harmony with non-believers. Islamic scripture dictates other religions to be treated as second-class citizens (dhimmi's) under sharia law.

3. How all Islamic infrastructure including Islamic centers and mosques in America are actively involved in the cultivation of American-born Muslims to become jihadists of the Fallujah variety; how the majority of Muslim's -- "60 to 75%" of the Muslim population support the terrorist agenda and are responsible for collecting and sending miliions upon millions of dollars to support the terrorist war effort against us.

This may seem far-fetched to those who haven't studied Islam, but remember all nineteen of the 9/11 hijackers lived among us quite peacebly untill...

9:41 Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew.

....they had support here as well as abroad. When they call us "the Great Satan" they mean it.

4. How there is "no question about it" that Islam is engaged in a war against us, that this is an integral part of the Islamic culture both here in America and the Muslim world as a whole.

9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah ? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.

Supreme triumph is war, not peace. Notice Surah 9:111 = 9/11/01

All Three men will tell you that the vast majorty of American's are oblivious to these facts and we all need to wake up to the reality of the war being waged against us in our own backyards.

Need more proof? This poster was found in L.A. Reported by KFI AM640 . The poster attempts to recuit gang members to commit Jihad on the LA Police Department.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


(PHOENIX, AZ) February 16, 2006 – Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”), today announced plans for the group’s nationwide “Secure Our Borders” campaign in April 2006. Simcox also announced a new operational structure for the original Minuteman Border Project to meet the growing needs of the continued expansion of Minuteman border security operations. Thousands of MCDC volunteers, augmented by the new national support team, will hold border watch patrols in northern and southern states along an estimated 800 miles of international borders during the month of April. The Minutemen will observe and report suspected illegal border crossings to the proper authorities. As always, they will maintain a “no contact” policy with the exception of providing emergency water to those illegal aliens found in distress in the wilderness. Last year, MCDC revolutionized the national debate about border security and illegal immigration by focusing the nation’s attention on the dangers of America’s wide-open borders in a post 9/11 world. The Minutemen have demonstrated that the borders can be secured with sufficient political will and dedication. Since the MCDC 23-mile border watch in April, 2005, interest in joining and supporting the Minutemen has exploded nationwide. MCDC chapters have been formed in southern and northern border states, as well as interior states. To date, 6,500 men and women have passed the required background check and interviews to qualify to become official Minuteman Border Project volunteers – with more waiting in the queue for approval. Over 120,000 people have become friends of the Minutemen through their support and volunteer work. Given the success of the Minuteman Border Project efforts, and two successful month long 24/7 operations conducted in April and October of 2005, a new national volunteer operational structure has been launched to support the Minutemen. The new structure is necessary to respond to these thousands of volunteers and supporters asking what they can do to help. MCDC has asked for and accepted the help of experienced border volunteers who have been on the front lines, some for as long as four years. With this expansion we will be ready for the thousands of volunteers who will participate in the “Secure Our Borders” operation in April 2006. This expansion further solidifies MCDC’s ability to continue the largest neighborhood watch effort in American history. The Minutemen will continue their civil defense operations assisting authorities in securing the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada until properly relieved. Contact MCDC at (520)829-3112 or For more information about MCDC:

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

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More Church Fires In Alabama

This time it's a Methodist Church

TUSCALOOSA (AP) — Fire destroyed a Christian-themed business the same day flames broke out at a Methodist campus ministry at the nearby University of Alabama, but authorities said Saturday they didn't know if either case was linked to a string of 10 church arsons.

Officials said a fire began about 10:40 p.m. Friday in a warehouse where Christian-themed clothing was produced. The building, owned by Multi Marketing Inc., also housed a religious phone bank operation.

The blaze occurred less than 17 hours after a fire at Alabama's Wesley Foundation, a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church.

A spokesman for the state fire marshal's office, Ragan Ingram, said investigators had yet to determine the cause of either fire. Agents probably won't be able to enter the remains of the warehouse before today, he said.

Authorities did not know whether the fires were linked to a string of church fires that has hit isolated Baptist churches in West and Central Alabama, but members of the arson task force investigated the Wesley Foundation fire.
Meanwhile, the ten Baptist Curches have suffered a Million dollars in damages and the ATF is still grasping at straws. A Man arrested In connection with one of the fires is not believed to be connected with the other fires.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Port Security Questioned

Michelle Malkin
has a nice round up of commentary of on the current state of our ports and how this could effect our national security. is it wise for six of our ports to be controled by the United Arab Emirates?

US Aid To Hamas Cut Off

....or at least direct aid...

Humanitarian aid to Palestinians to continue

Washington -- The United States cannot and will not give direct financial assistance to a Hamas-led government so long as it is committed to terror and the destruction of Israel, but at the same time will not abandon Palestinians in desperate need of help, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says.

The problem is humanitarian aid has a way of getting redirected to other uses. however, this is still good news.

Friday, February 17, 2006

President's Day

I've never understood why Washington and Lincoln's birthday's had to be condensed into the generic "President's Day". I know it was to make room for MLK, but why not 3 sperarate days?
Our two greatest Presidents and Dr. King each deserve thier own day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Saddam general: WMDs in Syria

Last Month I told you about Gen. Georges Sada, who claims to have knowledge of Saddam's WMD's being shipped to Syria via air. Now World Net Daily reports Another former confidant of the ex-dictator making claims of WMD's in Syria, and also links Iraq to al-Qaida .

A former general and friend of Saddam Hussein who defected but maintains close contact with Iraq claims the regime supported al-Qaida with intelligence, finances and munitions and believes weapons of mass destruction are hidden in Syria.
Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti, southern regional commander for Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen militia in the late 1980s, spoke with Ryan Mauro of
Known as the "Butcher of Basra," al-Tikriti commanded units that dealt with chemical and biological weapons. He defected shortly before the Gulf War in 1991.
Last month, Saddam Hussein's No. 2 Air Force officer, Georges Sada, told the New York Sun Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were moved to Syria six weeks before the war started. Sada claimed two Iraqi Airways Boeing jets converted to cargo planes moved the weapons in a total of 56 flights. They attracted little attention, he said, because they were thought to be civilian flights providing relief from Iraq to Syria, which had suffered a flood after a dam collapse in 2002.
Discussing Saddam's support of terrorism, al-Tikriti said the dictator's regime sponsored Palestinian groups with logistical and material support.

read it all

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Iran owns China, Russia UN votes

This story Isn't surprizing, especially considering China's oil ties to Iran. Perhaps The Russians and Chinese figure it's better to have the Iranians mad at the US than at them. Regardless, we can only expect help from a handful of our real allies anyway. The UK, Poland, Israel, Australia etc... The UN and IAEA will be held at bay forever if Amadinejad has his way.

Russia and China have too much riding on commercial relations with Iran to help the West in curbing Tehran's nuclear ambitions, a U.S. senator said on Tuesday, calling for tough measures with Moscow and Beijing.
"The two countries that are sending the wrong signals today are Russia and China," said Kansas Republican Sam Brownback.
"Part of the problem is Iran ... has effectively bought U.N. Security Council vetoes from China and, very likely, Russia," Brownback, a potential presidential contender in 2008, said in a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.
Experts at a symposium at the conservative think tank said Moscow is a major arms supplier to Iran, while Beijing has struck energy deals worth as much as $100 billion with Tehran.
Both of those large powers have also embraced Iran as part of a strategic policy of blunting U.S. influence in the Middle East and Central Asia, the experts said.
"I don't think China and Russia are going to make serious efforts to stop Iran or North Korea," said Stephen Blank, a China expert at the U.S. Army War College.
Brownback said that to pressure countries that support Iran, Washington should initiate a campaign of sanctions modeled on a 1980s campaign targeting companies that helped the Soviet Union build a pipeline to Western Europe.
"Like the former Soviet Union, both Russia and China need international technological and managerial support to keep their activities going," said Brownback.
"No international company is going to treat lightly exclusion from the U.S. market in exchange for contracts with the Iranian government," he said.
Earlier on Tuesday, Iran resumed feeding uranium gas into centrifuges for nuclear-fuel enrichment after a break of 2-1/2 years and announced it was deferring until next week talks on a Russian proposal to defuse the nuclear standoff.
The West suspects Tehran of trying to develop atomic bombs under cover of a civilian program and persuaded the International Atomic Energy Agency's governing board last week to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council for possible action, which could include sanctions.
Iran says its nuclear work is designed solely to generate electricity for its economy.

Al Gore and Al Quaeda

Al's bashing of his own country while overseas turns out to be worse than I thought. IBD and Sister Toldjah have some unseemly details of the former Veep's Speech before the Jiddah Economic Forum, an event staged by oil-rich Saudi royalty, Gore indicted the American government for its "terrible abuses" of Arabs.

Well, for those of us who think that America isn't all That bad, it turns out our pal Al was snuggled in the Bin Laden pocket. The Saudi BinLadin Group - which is Saudi Arabia's largest construction company - is run by Osama bin Laden's brothers and cousins. Jeddah, the site of the forum attended by Gore, is Osama bin Laden's hometown. Although family members claim they've disowned bin Laden, his mother told reporters after the 9/11 attacks that she received advanced warning from him that something big was about to happen.
A wealthy bin Laden niece also reportedly abandoned her lower Manhattan apartment three weeks before the 9/11 attacks.

Not nice people, but who would prefer the bin Laden's to the Bush Administration?

"The conference was dominated by the Saudis' desire to overcome the pressures of September 11 and strengthen U.S.-Saudi ties . . . The BinLadin Group, one of the forum's backers, has been battered by its association with Osama." In January 2002, ex-President Clinton addressed the JEF, which paid him $267,000 for his speech. According to London's Financial Times.
Other JEF speakers that year included President Bush's younger brother, Neil.

So the Jiddah Forum had speakers of all political walks of life, but Gore is the only one who saw fit to unleash anti-American rhetoric in such a volatile environment. Another interesting aspect of this story is the fact it has been largely ignored by the MSM, who have gone overboard covering the current VP Dick Cheney's hunting accident. Apparently, Joe Six-Pack is supposed to be more concerned with an 18 hour reporting delay of a hunting accident than with a former VP blasting the US in Saudi Arabia. Combine this with past criticism's from the Left of Bush's ties to Saudi oil and the hypocrisy comes into a grim perspective.

Dhimmi Watch
had this to say;
There have been voices since 9/11 decrying the President's close friendship with the Saudis and declaring that had Al Gore or John Kerry been President, the U.S. would have stood up more firmly to the chief enablers of the global jihad, the House of Saud. We at Jihad Watch have frequently been critical of Bush's ties to the Saudis, but this article indicates that the alternative would have been no better in this regard (and of course, much worse in others). American politics needs a third response to Islamic jihad. It has not arisen yet.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Guard the Borders Blogburst

This blogburst is the first of a weekly feature here, and at the blogs listed below.

By Darnell McGavock at Independent Conservative

Contrary to popular belief, most illegals coming to the USA already had jobs in the country that they left. Also, they are seeking much higher paying jobs than some might believe. Their days of trying to just pick fruit are over! Here are some details, although it is best to read this entire article:
Study: Most illegal immigrants had jobs The research, believed to represent the largest-ever study of undocumented migrants, contends that the vast majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico were gainfully employed before they migrated to the United States, and failure to find work in their native Mexico did not seem to be the primary reason for their departure, said Rakesh Kochhar, associate director for research at the center and author of the report. … In fact, the majority of new migrants will look for work with higher wages in industries such as construction, hotels or sales, said Roberto Suro, director of the Pew Hispanic Center. … Only 5 percent of the 4,836 migrants surveyed were unemployed in Mexico before moving to the United States - a significantly lower number than in past studies and theories about migrants, Suro said. … Ironically, Kochhar added, immigration status (in the United States) has little to do with finding employment. Migrants without identification had the same chance of landing a job as those with valid U.S. IDs. …
So much for all that talk about illegals needing to find work. They already had work where they came from. They just come to the USA for a higher wage. And so much for all that talk about illegals only filling jobs "that Americans will not do". As I've previously explained, Americans did those jobs and can do them again. And never mind "those jobs", now the illegals are going for YOUR JOB. They want to move up the pay scale. The illegals coming in now are better educated than prior generations and so they are seeking higher paying jobs that require a higher skill set. The actual report is available here. The complete report mentions:
Once they arrive and pass through a relatively brief period of transition and adjustment, migrants have little trouble finding work. Family and social networks play a significant role in this; large shares of migrants report talking to people they know in the U.S. about job opportunities and living with relatives after arrival. They easily make transitions into new jobs, even though most find themselves working in industries that are new to them. … There is a steady and strong demand for migrant workers from Mexico in agriculture, construction, manufacturing and hospitality. These four industries employ about two-thirds of the survey respondents, irrespective of their background in Mexico or their year of arrival. … Migrants from Mexico are responsive to regional variations in demand for their services. Construction is the dominant industry for employing migrants in Atlanta, Dallas and Raleigh; hospitality is the major employer in New York City; manufacturing in Chicago; and agriculture in Fresno. … The percentage of survey respondents employed in agriculture in the U.S. has dropped from 17% of those in country more than 15 years to 9% of recent arrivals. At the same time, the percentage employed in construction and hospitality has increased from 23% to 42%. …
The time is now to close our borders to illegal immigration.
This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Iran's Nuke History

The Telegraph has a basic history of Iran's movement to becoming a nuclear power.

1987: Iran opens contacts with Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

This is during the Reagan administration, it's cause for concern, but there was nothing the US could have done at this point.

2001: Teheran clandestinely buys from Ukraine 12 X-55 cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons 1,900 miles.

Iran doesn't have nuclear capability at this point, and 12 missiles is not enough for major concern.

2002: Iranian exile group claims the regime has run an 18-year nuclear programme

Eighteen years? That would be 1984. Did Iran have clandestine meetings with Pakistan before '87?, if not, then Russia and/or China would've been involved. 1984 would've been before Glasgnost, the Soviets may have been desperate for funds to catch up with Reagan's military build up. Plus, Russia has always been aligned with nations opposed to Israel.

2003: IAEA confirms programme but says no evidence of making nuclear arms.

Nuclear power first, then arms, this report doesn't help at all.

June 2004: Iranian citizen offers a stolen laptop to foreign intelligence as evidence of a secret nuclear weapons programme. It contains drawings depicting modifications to Shahab-3 ballistic missiles and plans for a second uranium conversion facility.

Combine this story with the 2001 purchase of the 12 missiles and the dots seem to be forming a deadly picture.

November 2004: Iran says it has suspended uranium enrichment and related activities. Talks begin with Britain, France and Germany.

Well, if Tehran admits they have military intentions, then guess what happens to their uranium enrichment program? Meanwhile, the US is making plans
for taking out Iran's nuclear facilities. There would be no reason for making these plans if the US thought there were no military intentions.

June 2005: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a hardline Islamic Revolutionary Guard veteran, elected President of Iran.

One of the Hostage takers during the Carter ('79) years. Not a nice guy.

August 2005: Iran announces it has resumed uranium conversion at Isfahan in breach of November 2004 accord.

It is doubtful that they ever stopped. Otherwise, why start up again?
What has changed in just a year? Let's not forget that Iran has huge oil reserves and it's need for peaceful nuclear power superfluous.

Sept 2005: Mr Ahmadinejad defends Iran's right to nuclear technology.

He also screams that Israel needs to be destroyed. Repeatedly. Iran is one of the principal funders of world wide terrorism. Gamaa Islamiya, Hamas, Hezbollah, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, al-Jihad and Ahmad Jigril are among the groups that Tehran is known to have funded.

November 2005: European Union accuses Iran of holding documents solely for use in producing nuclear arms, and supports American calls for referral to UN Security Council.

We can count on the UN and the EU to do nothing. Diplomatic heavywieghts Russia, France and Germany all have deep economic ties to Iran.

January 2006: Iran removes IAEA seals at Natanz and resumes research on uranium enrichment. Satellite photographs in the Sunday Telegraph show secret building project at Natanz and clear similarities to Pakistan's militarised nuclear sites. Iran admits receiving documents about making nuclear warheads from Khan network but says it has not used them. Iran successfully tests adapted Shahab-3 missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead to Israel. IAEA confirms connection between military and "civilian" programme.

Who to believe, Iran or the IAEA?

February 2006: IAEA votes to report Iran to UN Security Council. Iran says it will resume full-scale uranium enrichment at Natanz and end all snap inspections.

About 19 years (at least) behind the times. That's about right for these international watchdogs, but at least there is an acknowledgement of a problem.
As far as the inspections go, snap inspections are the only ones of any use. These tinhorn dictators just love to monkey around with international law, playing nuclear peek-a-boo.

Tenth Alabama Baptist Church Fire

Another Baptist Church in Alabama is burned, this time in Beaverton Freewill Baptist Church. The town of Beaverton is in the northwestern part of Alabama.
Although all of the fires have been in Baptist churches, they have been equally split racially, five of the churches have a mostly white congregation and five have a mostly Black congregation.

""Meanwhile Sunday, authorities said they want to hear from those responsible for setting the church fires.
"We do think they have a message," said Jim Cavanaugh of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "We would like to hear what they would have to say ... We want them to call us. We want to listen."
Police believe the arsons are being committed by two young men in their 20s or early 30s, he said. ""

No one has been hurt in any of the fires so far, and police have said they are taking this into consideration. Earlier reports suggest the suspects are two white men in a Nissan Pathfinder. A $10,000 reward has been offered.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Can We Admit We're At War Now?

With cartoon Jihad still festering after three months, and the press shaking in their boots over a dozen harmless political cartoons, the 3000 dead on 9/11 is still not enough to convince the populous that we are at war. The mainstream news media has shied away from showing the cartoons either from fear or over-sensitivity. First let's look at fear. The anthrax attacks that followed 9/11 targeted not just congressmen, but the media as well. It may be a bit judgmental to accuse the news media of self- censoring cowardice, but they certainly haven't shied away from dreadful characterizations of Christianity or Judaism. Although a few stray Christians have bombed abortion clinics, TV stations and newspapers would have little to fear from Christians and Jews threating to blow up newsrooms. The same cannot be said about Islam. The broadcasting of the Danish cartoons no doubt would bring very real threats of bombings and assassinations of employees and their families.

Our political leaders have begged for understanding of Muslim sensitivities while apparently ignoring the real threat against our freedoms. We are continually reminded that any depiction of Mohammad is considered blasphemous. in Islam. But no less blasphemous than Time magazine announcing “GOD IS DEAD”, or numerous other offenses towards Judeo-Christian sensibilities, some of which have been Federally funded by the NEA. Rest assured this capitulation is due to fear and not civil discourse. Geraldo Rivera even went as far as saying that the Danish cartoons were racist. This is woefully wrong for a few reasons. First of all, Islam is a religion, not a race, and not all Arabs are Muslims and not Muslims are Arabs. Secondly, there is nothing in the cartoons that depicts Arabs in a bad light. Two of the cartoons refer to the violence of Jihad. Criticism of violent jihad may make Muslims uncomfortable, but that hardly constitutes racism.

Islam, however is filled with violence. Muhammad ordered the beheading of every man in the city of Medina, 900 in all. The women and children were enslaved, many of them raped. The Islamic prophet proclaims “I have been made victorious with terror” in the text of this religion. The media never mentions, not even in whisper, that able-bodied Muslims are bound by the Koran to carry out Jihad upon non-believers (infidels). All Infidels are offered a three pronged threat, conversion, dhimmitude or death. The US would never tolerate a Branch-Davidian-like cult to spread across the Nation. Yet the reason of Islam's success is due to the fact it is much more effective at spreading fear of violence than David Koresh's short-lived cult. Until our media is willing to face this truth in public, we face the grave danger of watching our freedoms eroded away. But for now our media that we depend on to protect the first amendment has been cowed by those who would have us understand the true meaning of Islam, submission.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Hamas Hit Parade!

From Israel National News

The PA's victorious Hamas group produced a video crediting its terror attacks as the policy that successfully led to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and that will bring about further withdrawals. In the video, translated by Palestinian Media Watch, images of Jews being forcibly removed by Israeli troops from Gaza’s Jewish communities are shown, as well as the destruction of the towns – with the following lyrics sung in the background:

“The invaders fled [Gaza]
The army of the Jews was defeated
The home and the homeland is returning through [Palestinian] blood
Not through negotiations, surrender, or promises
Allah the Great, be pleased by the sound of thunder!
We will never accept the Judaization of the Land of Heaven
We will never accept the enemies in the land of our fathers...
The invaders fled [Gaza]
The army of the Jews was defeated
The home and the homeland is returning through [Palestinian] blood
Not through negotiations, surrender, or promises...
Let the enemies leave the entire land!
And take their holy books, which are all black!
Our flag was raised and spread out, O Jihad...!
The invaders fled [Gaza]
The army of the Jews was defeated
The home and the homeland is returning through blood”[Hamas website, February 2006]

Number One with a Bullet!

Open Apology

We all know how Muslims have suffered so greatly from the Danish Catoons. Dozens of protests all over the world causing death and destruction.

These great crimes against Islam have turned otherwise peaceful denizens of the middle east into blood thirsty lunitics.

I feel guilty, even the New York Times refuses to print these depictions of Muhammed. So, I Offer a sincere and deep felt apology; ( from fyoenewsgroup)

I apologize, for giving you shelter and help.

I apologize, for giving you an education

I apologize, for helping you out economically.

I apologize, for letting you exercise your religion in our christian

I apologize, for sending aid to your nations.

I apologize, for not demanding vengeance for the murders comitted to
our people by muslims.

I apologize, for not running around with explosives on our bodies when
we feel violated.

I apologize, for not just doing whan your faith says.

But an apology for expressing ourselves in our own country and after
our own lays - you will never get.

Letter to the editor Ekstrabladet

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Alabama Burning!

The ATF has started investigating a series of arsons involving nine churches in rural areas of Alabama.

While there were no injuries in the any of the fires, two churches were destroyed, the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Greene County and the Dancee Baptist Church in Pickens County. Two other churches in Sumter County were damaged, the Galilee Baptist Church and the Spring Valley Baptist Church.

These fires, in conjuction with five fires in Bibb, Co., has caused the ATF to activate one of it's Natioal Response Teams (NRT), bringing the total number of ATF personnel on the scene to more than 50. Although all of the churches are Baptist, there are black and white churches burned. It is believed the fires were started by the same person(s) The fires were all started on the alter with a lighter.
CNN has a slideshow and video

Foxnews has more

Agents investigating the Bibb County fire were looking for a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Nissan Pathfinder, in connection with the blazes.
At Boligee, Archibald said he was told by a resident that an SUV was seen running through an intersection near the church without stopping

Monday, February 06, 2006

"We Say to This West... By Allah, You Will Be defeated"

website catches the Hamas leadership on video showing their true colors.

Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al at a Damascus Mosque: The Nation of Islam Will Sit at the Throne of the World and the West Will Be Full of Remorse ,When it's Too Late

The following are excerpts from an address by Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al at the Al-Murabit Mosque in Damascus. The address was delivered following the Friday sermon at the mosque, and was aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 3, 2006. To view this clip, visit

How do Muslims come to this conclusion? Look at the Hadith;

Bukhari:V9B84N59 Allah's Apostle said, I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah. Whoever says this will save his property and his life from me.

Or the Koran:

Qur'an 8:7 Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: Wipe the infidels out to the last.

When a Muslim leader says something that we think is politcal rhetoric, he needs to be taken seriously. Because they're not going to be happy to leave the West alone just be we accept thier faith. It isn't written.

What about Statues?

This is an
old story
(2001), but it ties in with cartoon rage because it illustrates the Muslim attitude towards images and non-belivers.

The tallest Buddha figure in the world,
55m;180 ft; created in the 3rd century A.D.

The holy symbol of the Buddist faith is older that Islam itself. Disintegrated by Isalmic decree.

""The decree was issued as a team of western diplomats is visiting the Afghan capital to check reports that senior Taliban officials destroyed over a dozen pre-Islamic artefacts in the national museum.
Media reports have said zealous officials among the ruling Islamic militia recently destroyed several ancient relics in Kabul Museum, including an exquisite and priceless Buddha statue dating back some 2,000 years."According to Islam, I don't worry about anything. My job is the implementation of Islamic order," he said from the fundamentalist militia's stronghold in southern Kandahar.

"The breaking of statues is an Islamic order and I have given this decision in the light of a fatwa of the ulema (clerics) and the supreme court of Afghanistan. Islamic law is the only law acceptable to me."

This is the result of the sharia law that Muslims feel is their religious duty to implement world wide. The Danish cartoons represent our rights to oppose sharia and live freely. We deem these rights to be self evident.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sensitive Cartoons of Islam

We've all heard about how upset the Muslims are over the Danish cartoons, but have you ever seen how Muslim cartoonists potray your religion? There are lots of examples HERE on Palestinian Media Watch.

These are some of the mild ones, PMW has dozens to choose from. A brief perusal gives one a true impression of what the Palestinian press really thinks and why Hamas' recent electoral victory should be no surprise. More evidence HERE

Churches, Synagogue in Modesto Attacked


two churches and a Synagogue were defiled with fascist, anti-semitic and anti-Christian symbols.

"""At the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation on Tokay Avenue, someone appeared to have driven across the lawn. A black "666" was painted on a stone cross and a satanic symbol also splashed across the church's tile steps. The double doors leading into the church's office were painted with upside-down crosses, a pentagram, the term "WURM" and an epithet that stated "(expletive) your Christ." Similar curse words scrawled "(expletive) your God" across the office window."""

USS Cole Bomber Escapes Prison

This story reeks from head to toe.

23 prisoners, 13 of them terrorists, escape their

prison. One of the escapees, Jamal al-Badawi was the planner of the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors Oct 12, 2000. With help from a mosque near the prison, a 140 ft tunnel was dug from both ends. How serious could the security for this mass muderer be if such an elaborate plan be carried out? 140 ft of tunnel dirt has to go somewhere. It's hard to believe Yemen was serious about keeping their prisoners. Yemen has been considered an ally in the War On Terror thus far, but this idea seriously needs to be rethought. The concept of letting enemy combatants be captured and held by foreign governments is a proven failure, as is treating terrorists like criminals. Can you imagine the outrage if Timothy McViegh had escaped prison? The outrage in this case will be minor if not non-existent, that's because we expect very little from Muslim nations and as a result, receive almost nothing. If terrorism is universally immoral, and we can't count on Muslim nations to bring justice to terrorists, then America needs to demand all terrorist be turned over to Gitmo.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Must See Video

Check out Michelle Malkin's "First They Came " video, it really shows the consistant pattern of threats and violence towards our way of life.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Border Open To Terrorists

It only seems logical that a country that receives millions of illegal aliens a year might have a security problem, but it's taken five years for politicos to come to that conclusion. With the exception of Tom Tancredo, our leaders have assured us that we can maintain the current border policy and manage to filter out the terrorists. Now liberal Democrat Dianne Feinstien has spoken in favor of a more prudent policy;

"" Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed concern Thursday that the southern border has become a "major gateway" for Middle Eastern terrorists in a hearing with National Intelligence Director John Negroponte and other top intelligence officials. ""

Although I applaud this conclusion, it's been five years since 9/11. Six years since the
Millennium Bomber
, Ahmed Ressam, was caught at the Canadian border near Seattle. Yet there still hasn't been a significant reform of border security. Two years ago this story by
Jihad Watch
detailed reports by Border Agents of dozens of Arab men crossing the southern borders of Texas and Arizona. A Swedish Muslim in Bly, Oregon was caught trying to establish a terrorist training camp. Here's hoping the Senator and her colleges will get aggressivee soon.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Danish Embassy in Jakarta Attacked

JAKARTA (Reuters) - About 300 militant Indonesian Muslims went on a rampage inside the lobby of a Jakarta building housing the Danish embassy on Friday in protest over cartoons that Muslims say insult Islam and the Prophet Mohammad.________________________ ____

It starts. We're probably going to see more of this. Any sort of critisism from infidels and the whole islamic world flies into a blind rage. The Muslim mind cannot bear debate outside of Islam because non-believers are though of as sub-human. Here's an example;

Abu Dawud, Book 32, Number 4028:Narrated AbuAmir or AbuMalik:AbdurRahman ibn Ghanam al-Ash'ari said: AbuAmir or AbuMalik told me--I swear by Allah another oath that he did not believe me that he heard the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) say: THERE WILL BE AMONG MY COMMUNITY PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE LAWFUL (THE USE OF) KHAZZ AND SILK. SOME OF THEM WILL BE TRANSFORMED INTO APES AND SWINE."

And another;

9:73 O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end.

Bringing on this kind of reponse;

9:123 O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you,, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).

Fight them. Don't Pray for them;

9:113 It is not for the Prophet, and those who believe, to pray for the forgiveness of idolaters even though they may be near of kin (to them) after it hath become clear that they are people of hell-fire.

Why argue ? That's what jihad is for;

9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful

Yeah, merciful, through submission and/or bribery.

Freedom vs Islam

I believe it is the duty all American's to resist the Islamic effort to stifle our God-given freedoms. Although this is largely a European issue, you can count on this sort of thing being exported here. Especially if thier intimidation tacits succeed. In case you haven't seen what all the fuss is about, here are the cartoon drawings that sent the Moslem wolrd into a violent rage; Jihad Watch: Spencer: Cartoon Rage vs. Freedom of Speech ZombieTime has a pictorial history of Mohammadian Images : here is Zombie's mirror site; Here's a whole comic book dedicated to Islam

Here is some evidence of how Muslims are reacting;

Remember, the above ads are a response to cartoons.

Thomas the Wraith did a whole series of cartoons on his blog.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reducing Oil Dependency

With war or sanctions looming in Iran, political unrest in nearly every oil-producing nation, and most importantly, billions of American dollars going to jihad-happy middle eastern countries, It's time to look for alternatives. I was glad to see the President address this last night, Republicans have been lagging on this issue, but now seem willing to acknowledge the obvious; Petrodollars=Terror. This is good news because alternative fuel can finally become a non-partisan issue. Bush referred to our current usage as an "addiction", here are a few ways to break the habit;

  • Hybrid Cars

This is the most talked about method and certainly would reduce consumption significantly. Many models are already in use.

  • BioDiesel

Most current diesel vehicles can run on this clean and renewable vegetable-based fuel,
made of french fry grease. This fuel
is already being produced, check out

  • Solar

Not practical in vehicles, but the potential here is great. If every house in the sunbelt were equipped with solar panels, it would reduce natural gas and electric use significantly. I would like to see this president or the next pass a law instituting solar for all new homes in area's that have 255+ sunny days a year. Tax incentives for solar retrofit should also be put into law.

  • Hydrogen

Hydrogen cars are zero emission at first glance, but is manufactured from natural gas. However advancements in fuel cell technology could revolutionize this field. has detailed information on this subject and the importance of defunding the middle east. is also a valuable source. Critics can easily pick apart each of these ideas, but that would be missing the point. There is no one answer to our energy problems , but a combination of the above technologies that could free this great nation of ours from terrorist regimes.