Thursday, February 09, 2006

Open Apology

We all know how Muslims have suffered so greatly from the Danish Catoons. Dozens of protests all over the world causing death and destruction.

These great crimes against Islam have turned otherwise peaceful denizens of the middle east into blood thirsty lunitics.

I feel guilty, even the New York Times refuses to print these depictions of Muhammed. So, I Offer a sincere and deep felt apology; ( from fyoenewsgroup)

I apologize, for giving you shelter and help.

I apologize, for giving you an education

I apologize, for helping you out economically.

I apologize, for letting you exercise your religion in our christian

I apologize, for sending aid to your nations.

I apologize, for not demanding vengeance for the murders comitted to
our people by muslims.

I apologize, for not running around with explosives on our bodies when
we feel violated.

I apologize, for not just doing whan your faith says.

But an apology for expressing ourselves in our own country and after
our own lays - you will never get.

Letter to the editor Ekstrabladet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen brother--I think that just about says it all...

February 21, 2006  

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