Sunday, February 05, 2006

USS Cole Bomber Escapes Prison

This story reeks from head to toe.

23 prisoners, 13 of them terrorists, escape their

prison. One of the escapees, Jamal al-Badawi was the planner of the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors Oct 12, 2000. With help from a mosque near the prison, a 140 ft tunnel was dug from both ends. How serious could the security for this mass muderer be if such an elaborate plan be carried out? 140 ft of tunnel dirt has to go somewhere. It's hard to believe Yemen was serious about keeping their prisoners. Yemen has been considered an ally in the War On Terror thus far, but this idea seriously needs to be rethought. The concept of letting enemy combatants be captured and held by foreign governments is a proven failure, as is treating terrorists like criminals. Can you imagine the outrage if Timothy McViegh had escaped prison? The outrage in this case will be minor if not non-existent, that's because we expect very little from Muslim nations and as a result, receive almost nothing. If terrorism is universally immoral, and we can't count on Muslim nations to bring justice to terrorists, then America needs to demand all terrorist be turned over to Gitmo.


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