Friday, February 03, 2006

Border Open To Terrorists

It only seems logical that a country that receives millions of illegal aliens a year might have a security problem, but it's taken five years for politicos to come to that conclusion. With the exception of Tom Tancredo, our leaders have assured us that we can maintain the current border policy and manage to filter out the terrorists. Now liberal Democrat Dianne Feinstien has spoken in favor of a more prudent policy;

"" Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed concern Thursday that the southern border has become a "major gateway" for Middle Eastern terrorists in a hearing with National Intelligence Director John Negroponte and other top intelligence officials. ""

Although I applaud this conclusion, it's been five years since 9/11. Six years since the
Millennium Bomber
, Ahmed Ressam, was caught at the Canadian border near Seattle. Yet there still hasn't been a significant reform of border security. Two years ago this story by
Jihad Watch
detailed reports by Border Agents of dozens of Arab men crossing the southern borders of Texas and Arizona. A Swedish Muslim in Bly, Oregon was caught trying to establish a terrorist training camp. Here's hoping the Senator and her colleges will get aggressivee soon.


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