Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saddam's General claims WMD's in Syria

It's irrefutable that Saddam had and used WMD's. The Kurds and Iranians have suffered the wrath of Saddam's gas attacks. But the question remains, where are they now?
General Georges Sada
was with Saddam from the beginning (1968) and eventually became the leader of if Iraq's Air force. But now he is National Security adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi On Hannity and Colmes tonight, Sada claimed that Saddam's WMD cache was transported by trucks into Syria, but also admits that many were destroyed by the UN. Sada is promoting his book "Saddam's Secrets", How an Iraqi General defied and Survived Hussein."
It may seem strange for a former General under Saddam to blow the whistle on his former boss, but consider these quotes;
“Iraq has a Christian history that goes back to 79 AD,” said George Sada. “....Muslims didn’t come in until 600 AD or later. Iraq historically is not a Muslim nation, but is a Christian nation.”
“Despite the problems in Baghdad, the evangelical (Christian) church is alive and well throughout the country,”
Sada goes on to say"In my mind, 85% of Iraqis are supportive of the [American liberation of Iraq], The insurgency in Iraq is made up of Baathists and foreigners from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, (and other countries)"
Here's hoping his book does well and more importantly his message gets out to the American media.


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