Monday, February 06, 2006

What about Statues?

This is an
old story
(2001), but it ties in with cartoon rage because it illustrates the Muslim attitude towards images and non-belivers.

The tallest Buddha figure in the world,
55m;180 ft; created in the 3rd century A.D.

The holy symbol of the Buddist faith is older that Islam itself. Disintegrated by Isalmic decree.

""The decree was issued as a team of western diplomats is visiting the Afghan capital to check reports that senior Taliban officials destroyed over a dozen pre-Islamic artefacts in the national museum.
Media reports have said zealous officials among the ruling Islamic militia recently destroyed several ancient relics in Kabul Museum, including an exquisite and priceless Buddha statue dating back some 2,000 years."According to Islam, I don't worry about anything. My job is the implementation of Islamic order," he said from the fundamentalist militia's stronghold in southern Kandahar.

"The breaking of statues is an Islamic order and I have given this decision in the light of a fatwa of the ulema (clerics) and the supreme court of Afghanistan. Islamic law is the only law acceptable to me."

This is the result of the sharia law that Muslims feel is their religious duty to implement world wide. The Danish cartoons represent our rights to oppose sharia and live freely. We deem these rights to be self evident.


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