Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The PC Commandments

From the fyoe email list, I read Scott's top 6 reasons why the far left has such a hard time supporting US security interests. I call them the PC Commandments.

The US left lives by a few simple truths;

1. the 50's were the black night of fascism in America and this is the
single greatest threat to every American - that J Edgar Hoover who was
worse than Hitler will come back and censor Hollywood movies

2. that race hasn't moved an inch from the Pettis Bridge in Selma in
1963 and every time the left is rebuffed in a new PC atrocity the result
will be the night riders planting bombs in black churches

3. every war is Vietnam and letting the other side win is always better
than letting our internal fascists [FBI, military, CIA, Republicans,
big business] get an inch ahead - so always root for the other side and
always oppose any attempt at internal and external security

4. that anyone who stands against the endless lawfare, media war, PC
crap and ankle biting is a proponent of the black night of fascism and
wants a Nazi Amerika where women will be chained to the marital bed until
forced to deliver unwanted children while black churches are bombed
down the block

5. that Nixon wanted to be fuehrer and was only kept from being so by
Watergate ergo every time the ankle biters decide another Republican has
broken some law anything short of impeachment is a return of the black
night of fascism

6. that the liberals are by divine right destined to rule and every
attempt to thwart them is only because the fascists have tricked the red
state morons into voting against their true interests

It is really simple isn't it?

Scott Palter

Monday, January 30, 2006

Playing War Games with Iran

Gopbloggers makes the case for an Invasion of Iran. Be sure to read this excellent Atlantic Monthly article mapping out the potential invasion, it's consequences, and what can be gained.

Iran Sows the Seeds of Distrust

The Iranian Government continues to take the worst possible course for those who like to see a peaceful resolution to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's nuclear plans. The EU negotiations have stalemated;

"Iran has challenged the entire international community," Douste-Blazy told reporters. "The international community has to respond to that challenge with firmness and efficiency."

This just a few days after The US, Russia and China agreed to a deal to bring enriched uranium to Iran for energy purposes. Again, Iran failed an opportunity to prove their intentions are honorable. The condemnation is universal, Hillary Clinton urges UN sanctions.
The UN is applying pressure as well;
Key UN members have agreed Iran must stop nuclear research, the UK says
To further complicate matters, Iran has formed a top secret team of nuclear specialists to infiltrate the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. Iran has refused to play ball with the international community, but it's doubtful the UN will agree to the necessary military action to stop the inevitable nuclear weapon system Ahmadinejad is clearly planning.

Honoring the Troops

I had to stop and take a picture of this mural on the side of a commercial building in 29 Palms, CA. Notice the statue of Saddam coming down on the upper left corner.
This part of the same mural honors Desert Storm. Nicely done.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Iranian Nuke Update

The Russians have come up with a plan to enrich uranium for the Iranians, Bush supports it;

""People ought to be allowed to have civilian nuclear power, Bush told a White House news conference. But he said he did not believe "non-transparent regimes that threaten the security of the world" should be allowed to gain the technology necessary to make an atomic weapon.""

Sure, why not? If you can't trust Iran, who can you trust? Iran has massive oil reserves, but they deserve nuclear power? As far as non-transparency, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
has made his intentions clear on Israel. The article goes on to say;

"""But Bush said Iran had shown by its actions that it wanted a nuclear weapon.
"And it's not in the world's interests that they have a weapon," he said.""

So if Iran decides in the future to enrich uranium on their own, then what? If they put a halt to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) inspections, then what? I just don't see how getting the Russians to enrich the uranium changes the views of Ahmadinejad? Inspections, sanctions, Hans Blix, UN resolutions, I detect a pattern.

link to article


Sada Claimed the WMD's were moved by Passenger plane, not truck.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saddam's General claims WMD's in Syria

It's irrefutable that Saddam had and used WMD's. The Kurds and Iranians have suffered the wrath of Saddam's gas attacks. But the question remains, where are they now?
General Georges Sada
was with Saddam from the beginning (1968) and eventually became the leader of if Iraq's Air force. But now he is National Security adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi On Hannity and Colmes tonight, Sada claimed that Saddam's WMD cache was transported by trucks into Syria, but also admits that many were destroyed by the UN. Sada is promoting his book "Saddam's Secrets", How an Iraqi General defied and Survived Hussein."
It may seem strange for a former General under Saddam to blow the whistle on his former boss, but consider these quotes;
“Iraq has a Christian history that goes back to 79 AD,” said George Sada. “....Muslims didn’t come in until 600 AD or later. Iraq historically is not a Muslim nation, but is a Christian nation.”
“Despite the problems in Baghdad, the evangelical (Christian) church is alive and well throughout the country,”
Sada goes on to say"In my mind, 85% of Iraqis are supportive of the [American liberation of Iraq], The insurgency in Iraq is made up of Baathists and foreigners from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, (and other countries)"
Here's hoping his book does well and more importantly his message gets out to the American media.

Democracy Crushed

We've all heard the rhetoric, just open up China to a free economy and sit back and watch communism crumble. But it hasn't worked out that way. Like the tanks crushing protesters in Tianamen Square, the communist Chinese government has convinced Google to self-censor. Since gaining most favored nation status from the US, nothing has really changed for the Chinese people, the government has successfully delayed human rights and democracy in favor of a massive military build up.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservatives Conquer US, Canada

It's worth mentioning that after 12+ years of Liberal rule in The Great White North, the conservative Stephen Harper has been elected to Canada's highest office. Most news reports are saying this change of heart is due to scandal. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20060is It couldn't be that Liberals have taken the country too far to the left could it?

When Clinton lost the Democratic majority in Congress for the first time in 50 years, he quickly abandoned Universal Health Care and announced "the era of big government is over". Clinton never regained Congress, but he was re-elected in 1996. The Dems have refused to learn from this lesson of moving to the middle and have managed to lose the Presidency and Congress for eight years running. Since running a Vietnam war protester for the oval office in 2004, the Dems have maintained a strident leftist rhetoric. The strategy seems to be keep moving left untill we win. At this rate, it will only take a few more elections before Howard Dean is replaced with Henry Belafonte. The silver lining for Canadian liberals is they still have a Parliamentary majority, but the Reagan Revolution began the same way. This bodes well for Republicans and a more conservative Canada will be less anti-American. I think I'll celebrate with a nice Canadian beer.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Palestinians Vote for "Hitler"

Roub has carried the nickname "Hitler" since he was 16. It was given to him by a school chum and has shown no desire to shake it.

JENIN, West Bank The candidate's name is Jamal Abu Roub, but everyone here calls him Hitler because, well, that is the name he has answered to quite comfortably since he was a teenager.Roub, 40, is a leader of the militant Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades in this turbulent corner of the West Bank and has spent the past five years leading his ragtag band of gunmen in frequent clashes with the Israeli military. Roub's deeds include hauling a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel and of molesting his own daughters into a town square, where the man was shot to death.Now Roub is a candidate for the Palestinian Parliament and is virtually assured of winning a seat in elections Wednesday. He is wanted by Israel, and therefore does not appear at rallies, yet this seems only to have bolstered his reputation.


Amboy Times hits the presses for the first time!
The long awaited first issue of the Amboy Times is finally available for human consumption. The AT is dedicated to commentary of the significant events concerning our great land, the United States of America and her allies. Daily updates are to be expected but not promised on the key issues of the day. The focus of commentary will be foriegn affairs and homeland security. It is the opinion of this paper that the so-called Western World is under a continual siege by violent Jihad. A "holy war" as perscribed by Islamic law, is considered by Islam's lone prophet, Mohammed, to be the pinnacle of Islam. This idea of violence against non-Muslims simply for being non-Muslim is supported by the very text of Islam's equivelent to the Bible, the Koran.
Koran:33:22 “Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah and have gone out for Jihad (holy fighting). Some have completed their vow to extreme and have been martyred fighting and dying in His Cause, and some are waiting, prepared for death in battle.”
Quotes like this are too numerous to list here, but here is a short list you can look up.
The United States has been fortunate for most of it's history, protected by vast oceans to the west and east, and peaceful nieghbors to the north and south. But now we are fighting a different kind of war, unlike any in our history. A war without large armies to confront, no capital cities to be conquered, no rules and no civilians. Most Americans regard the War on Terror begining sometime after 9/11, or perhaps with the invasion of Iraq, but probably dates back as far as the Iranian hostage crisis in1979.
During the Carter Administration, the Shah of Iran was overthrown by theocratic Muslims who captured 52 Americans and held them hostage for 444 days. Those same kidnappers are in charge of the Iranian government now, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is currently threating the world with nuclear weapons. Iran has been under US sanction since 1979 to no avail.
Reagan would also get his share of abuse; In 1982 18 hostages were kidnapped by Iranian-backed Hezbolla and held untill 1991. Again, sanctions. In 1983 a truck bomb killed 241 US soldiers at the Marine Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. Without a hard target to overcome, and no official government claiming resposibility, Ronald Reagan ordered a battleship to shell the hillsides of Beirut before aborting the mission in Lebanon. Hezbolla never claimed responsibility for this attack, but it did take credit for many attacks similar to this;
  • The hijacking of TWA flight 847, 1985
  • The bombing of the US Embasssy in Beirut, 1984
  • The bombing of US Embassy Annex in Kuwait, 1983
  • Truck bombing of US Embassy in Beirut, 1983
  • Two Bombings in Buenos Aieres, 1992,94

The above mentioned attacks resulted in 325 deaths in a period of 3 years, certainly enough damage to justify a war. Despite the fact that it is well known that Hezbolla is Iranian sponsored , no significant military action was taken against Iran.

If anything, things have gotten worse, Ahmadinejad is on the verge of nuclear weaponry, he has threated Israel with aniliation and has made no hint at making diplomatic. Given the past few decades of history of Iran, we should take him at his word.