Monday, February 13, 2006

Guard the Borders Blogburst

This blogburst is the first of a weekly feature here, and at the blogs listed below.

By Darnell McGavock at Independent Conservative

Contrary to popular belief, most illegals coming to the USA already had jobs in the country that they left. Also, they are seeking much higher paying jobs than some might believe. Their days of trying to just pick fruit are over! Here are some details, although it is best to read this entire article:
Study: Most illegal immigrants had jobs The research, believed to represent the largest-ever study of undocumented migrants, contends that the vast majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico were gainfully employed before they migrated to the United States, and failure to find work in their native Mexico did not seem to be the primary reason for their departure, said Rakesh Kochhar, associate director for research at the center and author of the report. … In fact, the majority of new migrants will look for work with higher wages in industries such as construction, hotels or sales, said Roberto Suro, director of the Pew Hispanic Center. … Only 5 percent of the 4,836 migrants surveyed were unemployed in Mexico before moving to the United States - a significantly lower number than in past studies and theories about migrants, Suro said. … Ironically, Kochhar added, immigration status (in the United States) has little to do with finding employment. Migrants without identification had the same chance of landing a job as those with valid U.S. IDs. …
So much for all that talk about illegals needing to find work. They already had work where they came from. They just come to the USA for a higher wage. And so much for all that talk about illegals only filling jobs "that Americans will not do". As I've previously explained, Americans did those jobs and can do them again. And never mind "those jobs", now the illegals are going for YOUR JOB. They want to move up the pay scale. The illegals coming in now are better educated than prior generations and so they are seeking higher paying jobs that require a higher skill set. The actual report is available here. The complete report mentions:
Once they arrive and pass through a relatively brief period of transition and adjustment, migrants have little trouble finding work. Family and social networks play a significant role in this; large shares of migrants report talking to people they know in the U.S. about job opportunities and living with relatives after arrival. They easily make transitions into new jobs, even though most find themselves working in industries that are new to them. … There is a steady and strong demand for migrant workers from Mexico in agriculture, construction, manufacturing and hospitality. These four industries employ about two-thirds of the survey respondents, irrespective of their background in Mexico or their year of arrival. … Migrants from Mexico are responsive to regional variations in demand for their services. Construction is the dominant industry for employing migrants in Atlanta, Dallas and Raleigh; hospitality is the major employer in New York City; manufacturing in Chicago; and agriculture in Fresno. … The percentage of survey respondents employed in agriculture in the U.S. has dropped from 17% of those in country more than 15 years to 9% of recent arrivals. At the same time, the percentage employed in construction and hospitality has increased from 23% to 42%. …
The time is now to close our borders to illegal immigration.
This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.
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Blogger scott said...

Well DUH. To get across the borders requires money - for the coyotes, for fakes papers [fairly cheap based on the prices I was quoted in a Wal-Mart parking lot a few years back] etc. So the ones coming over the southern border are normally working people with [by their home country standards] some assets. However that is the 50% who walk over the southern border, not the other 50% who fly in as tourists, students, businessmen etc. and just overstay their visas. Once you are here there is zero enofrcement. So especially with student visa holders [which implies a passing ability at written and spoken American English] all that is needed is a plane ticket and some fly by night school to write a letter.

February 14, 2006  
Blogger Iran Watch said...

Economics is still the factor driving illegal immigrants across the border. Whether if it's for higher wages or because of unemployment, money is the motive. I've always been much more worried about those coming over the border who aren't looking for jobs. Large Mexican gangs bringing drugs or terrorist trying to mix in with the Mexicans. Regardless, this country needs to protect its borders and enforce the laws that are already in place.

February 14, 2006  
Blogger Iran Watch said...

A lot of economist and politicians believe that the United States economy needs Mexican workers. I tend to think that they are probably correct although I couldn't make a good argument either way. What concerns me most are terrorist sneaking across the borders. Until we can secure our borders, another 911 is a question of when...not if it will happen.

February 14, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

Did anyone catch National Geographic's story on MS-13?

February 14, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

I Totally agree. Growth is good, but as a soviergn nation, we owe it to ourselves to filter out the terrorists and criminals from the people who want to be productive citizens.

February 14, 2006  
Blogger scott said...

Needing more workers is not the same as allowing anyone who can hire a coyote and make it past the scarecrows on the border to come here. We depot PhD's whose student visa has expired and allow any Mexican or Central American who reaches North Carolina to get a driver's license. What is wrong with this pictue? What we have is a stalemate where a variety of groups have blocked any sane discussion of the situation. So we allow residence step by step to be equated with citizenship . Our cnesus counts illegals whose numbers are then used to allocate seats in Congress. It doesn't get any more core than that. There are ten year waiting lists from countries where people will not risk coyotes and walking over the desert. Why is it sane to say that we have laws we won't enforce? Either change the laws or enforce them.

February 14, 2006  

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