Sunday, February 19, 2006

More Church Fires In Alabama

This time it's a Methodist Church

TUSCALOOSA (AP) — Fire destroyed a Christian-themed business the same day flames broke out at a Methodist campus ministry at the nearby University of Alabama, but authorities said Saturday they didn't know if either case was linked to a string of 10 church arsons.

Officials said a fire began about 10:40 p.m. Friday in a warehouse where Christian-themed clothing was produced. The building, owned by Multi Marketing Inc., also housed a religious phone bank operation.

The blaze occurred less than 17 hours after a fire at Alabama's Wesley Foundation, a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church.

A spokesman for the state fire marshal's office, Ragan Ingram, said investigators had yet to determine the cause of either fire. Agents probably won't be able to enter the remains of the warehouse before today, he said.

Authorities did not know whether the fires were linked to a string of church fires that has hit isolated Baptist churches in West and Central Alabama, but members of the arson task force investigated the Wesley Foundation fire.
Meanwhile, the ten Baptist Curches have suffered a Million dollars in damages and the ATF is still grasping at straws. A Man arrested In connection with one of the fires is not believed to be connected with the other fires.


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