Friday, July 14, 2006

Wildfires In SoCal

The wildfires in Yucca Valley have made national news of late. Yesterday I could see the smoke from where we were nearly 60 miles south of the blaze. Yucca Valley is the home of the Desert Christ Park, of which I posted about back in March. Historic Pioneertown, Big Morongo Valley, and Joshua Tree Naional Monument are also nearby. So far, the fire is moving east away from populated areas and Joshua Tree, however, this could also be bad news if the fire reaches the resort town of Big Bear or the surrounding National Park.

45 homes have been lost.

The 8,200-acre Millard fire remained just 5% contained, with winds pushing it east, Miller said.

""The Mojave's unforgiving heat and winds, along with impenetrable terrain, allowed the Sawtooth blaze to chew through more than 53,000 acres of greasewood and Joshua trees, according to the latest figures, creating a wildfire that threatens portions of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Eleven people, including nine firefighters, have been treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation.

About 660 firefighters were fighting the Millard blaze in temperatures that are expected to again reach 100 degrees.

The outlook was optimistic for the mountain communities closest to the fires' northern perimeter.""


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