Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Is An Ally Anyway?

Hat tip, LGF

I've always said that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are not allies, here's more evidence.

"Funds are available for the asking for LeT not only from Pakistan, but also from Wahabi fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia and the UAE," the ex-activist stated.

The latest count has the death toll at 200.

Robert Spencer tells us,

Lashkar-e-Taiba has as one of its long-term goals the establishment of an Islamic state in India, and the subjugation of the Hindus. (One of the group’s mottos is “Killing Hindus is the way forward.” The Indian financial class is overwhelmingly Hindu; the plotters clearly were well aware that Muslims in India generally don’t travel in first-class compartments.

Dr Walid Phares
Gives us a short history of jihad in India and points out
""The targeting of the most populous democracy on earth has been taking place for years, even before 9/11 at the hands of followers of a Salafi-Tablighi ideology, with common roots with al-Qaeda’s terrorist doctrine. The July 11 blasts in Mumbai aiming at innocent civilians are the last in a string of crimes directed against the Indian population by militants following orders and engaged in an irreversible path of violence.""

and adds...

Osama Bin Laden has issued his mortal fatwas against the south Asian “infidel.” In at least their last four messages – audio or video – aired on al-Jazeera or posted on al Sahhab website, Osama bin laden and Zawahiri blasted the Hindus as an abhorred enemy.

Jews, Christians, Hindus, Atheists etc...all infidels, all targets. If our Western (and other non-Islamic) leaders had any courage, any sense at all, they would enforce an economic sanction against all Muslim nations until they grow up and decide to join the rest of the world.


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