Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Terrorists Bomb Train in India

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Update: 160 Dead
As many as 70 to 80 people have been killed and scores wounded when blasts rocked a commuter trains in India's financial capital during the evening rush hour.

A seventh blast occurred at a subway in the Khar area, he said, adding that all the blasts occurred within 20 minutes of each other.

Television footage showed dazed commuters with blood dripping from gaping injuries being carried by fellow travellers to waiting ambulances near Mahim station. Others frantically tried to call their relatives on mobile telephones.

"People began jumping off our running train when a bomb went off and filled the carriage with smoke and fire," said a commuter with serious injuries to his left arm and shoulder at Mahim station.

Firemen scoured the wreckage of a train that was hit by a blast in Matunga rail station. Police said the blasts had occurred on first class carriages of the commuter trains.

The sprawling city of Mumbai(Formerly Bombay), which is noted for its extensive underworld, has seen several bombings in the past. It was rocked in 1993 by a series of blasts which killed some 250 people and injured over 1,000.

On March 9 two separate blasts rocked the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, leaving more than a dozen killed and scores injured.

Police have blamed Muslim underground figures or Kashmiri militants for most of the attacks.

This attack is much worse than the 7/7 London Bombings, but so far the coverage has been scarce. I first heard about it on the radio and was surprized to find it wasn't on Drudges site at all. I can only assume this is because it happened in India instead of North America or Europe. Yet, India has suffered mightily at the hands of jihad.

Muslims have a dim view of Hindus and Buddists. This story is imprtant to Americans because it shows the resolve of the muhajideen to continually strike civilian targets for the sake of Allah. Given the recent "sucess" of train bombings in London and Spain, America needs to adress this threat by stepping up
security. Although Trains in America are largely used to transport freight, a coordinated attack could cause a major disruption economicly. These freight routes are basicly unguarded.


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