Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Always On Watch: From Daily Kos

Always On Watch: From Daily Kos

Imagine a world without Radical Islam

Women having rights, no killing women for adultery like in Pakistan.

Kids can watch the world cup without getting slaughtered like in Somalia.

No Taliban rule. What does the Taliban have to do with Israel.

No blowing yourself up for 72 virgins and Allah.

No beheadings, no textbooks in school about suicide bombings.

More tolerance to gays.

No more stoning to death. Less gruesome executions like in Saudi Arabia.

Imagine a world without radical islam terrorism.

We could be focusing on issues like stem cell research, health care, poverty instead of worrying about radical extremists blowing up trains.

Without radical islam no spain, uk, india train bombings.

No bali bombing.

No 9/11.

No governments like Somalia.

Radical Islam is the curse on this world we need to eradicate not Israel.

People like the Iran President that feed hatred about Israel need to go down and Israel needs to rise.

Makes a lot more sense than this.


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