Sunday, July 30, 2006

Linknzona Tackles PC

Here's a small sample of Linknzona's great piece on the dangers of PC.

PC is the enemy of freedom and democracy and equality and truth and reason. If we are to preserve these things we must know PC and fight it.

1) PC people most often lack faith. They lack faith in God, human nature, democracy, America, their family and friends, and themselves. Why are the radical liberals so full of hate? Because they recognize that people with faith are somehow better, happier, devoted to higher purposes, and thus, more honest and less selfish than what they see inside themselves. Conservatives dream of the future and making it better, liberals hate them for it.

2) PC liberals are noted for their guilt arising from what they see as unearned privileges and this leads to an inner lack of self esteem. This, in turn, leads to the belief that things are bad because of us, sometimes referred to as “the Blame America First Crowd.” So, liberals feel very good when they right a perceived wrong by tearing down the successful, the happy, the decent, the faithful, and the powerful to benefit the “victims” they profess to help. If the “victims” become more dependent on the liberals, so much the better, liberals need dependent groups of “victims’ to feed big government. These “dependents” vote, and they vote for those who call them victims.

3) Undoubtedly the greatest evil of PC is that it robs our children of their hope. Without hope, self improvement is all but impossible, despair and hatred often result. How do they accomplish this great evil? They tell certain children (minorities, female, etc.) that they are victims of racism/sexism/etc. and thus, they are doomed to misery and failure. Remember, PC is based on not criticizing victims and punishing those who do.

4) PC people attack you rather than your argument. Discussion soon degenerates to PC people calling you names and you denying that you are racist, sexist, uncaring,… and reasonable, truth-based discussions are impossible. A big part of this is guilt by association. You are white, and thus, a racist. You are a Republican, and thus, don’t care about poor people, you are a man and that’s what all men said before women started getting equality, and on and on …

5) PC people have little sense of humor, are often angry, and take offense easily. Offense often comes from holier than thou superiority which also brings incredible levels of intolerance. Moreover, in the PC mind, those that disagree are wrong and evil.

6) PC people believe in big government with its ability to censure those that would criticize the “victims”, or otherwise disagree. Thus, government itself is a tool of PC to crush and eliminate its enemies.

7) PC people have rigid double standards. For example, if you are a liberal and PC, you can make racial and gender comments and judgments with immunity while the same things said or done by a conservative would mean the end of everything for that person.

There's lots more at the above link, read it all.


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