Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Border, Drugs, And Violence

Strategy Page tells us about the growing problem of violence on the border.

Drug violence has harmed the city of Nuevo Laredo. Long
known as an up and coming Mexican "port city," and perhaps infamous as a
party town (with its prostitute district, Boys Town), the rampant
drug-related violence has closed a number of Mexican businesses in Nuevo
Laredo and sent the economy into a tailspin. At least 40 Nuevo Laredo
companies have shut down due to the violence. Many of the firms have moved
across the border to Laredo, Texas -- where the cops are clean and the
streets are comparatively safe. The breakdown in law and order in
Mexican border towns is creating a warlike atmosphere, as gunmen openly move
about, and open fire in the streets.

Some border governors are demanding help from the army, to man
checkpoints and help control the movements of heavily armed groups of drug gang
members. The army already supplies troops to accompany federal agents
making arrests or conducting raids.

A Texas sheriff told a government committee looking into
border security issues that "border violence" (ie, drug-related
violence along the Texas-Mexican border) is a threat to Texas Zapata County
Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales said that the weapons used by Texas law
enforcement agencies are "water guns" in comparison to the firepower
possessed by narco-trafficantes. Texas is trying to funnel more security money
to counties along the border.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.


Blogger el jefe said...

The drug violence is not only at the border. Drug related murder is high in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and countless other small rural communities these gangs infiltrate. And its not only mexican cops who are corrupted, but some of our own. Until we allow our border patrol to fight the "declared War on drugs" there will be no end. If drugs are allowed to make it through with out us putting up a fight and having the ability to "shoot to kill" at drug runners, a consequence that fits the crime, (drugs are a poison killing untold numbers of american citizens as well as threatening our national security) the corruption on the border will not end and the violence associated with the border will spread to the interior. This is however in no reflection of how illegal migrant workers should be dealt with but as for narco terrorists, deadly force is all they know and is the only thing that will help to end the easy recruitment of poor border citizens who get paid a couple years worth of salary for a weekend jaunt across the border. Remember, the labor force in Mexico makes about 50 bucks a week working in mexico, If they illegally cross the border to work, they make from 50-80 bucks for a full days work, and if the run 10 million dollars worth of coke across the border, they can make up to 30 grand. you do the math and then add up the statistical chances you have of making the crossing successfully, Even if you get stopped, there is still a good chance you can run and get away, because our law enforcement is handcuffed and can't do anything to stop you except to run after you and physically tackle you. well most law enforcement will not risk their lives to chase border runners who run because being shot and killed is statistically very high and with what they are paid, it is not worth it. The law enforcement agent is going to let the drug runner run and sit by the drugs where its safer and they can say, "see ive done my job, 10 mil in coke off the streets" only that the drug runner now has to make a second run and will statistically make the run successfully except this time the cartel made him run 20 mil in coke to make up for the lost shippment.

January 17, 2007  
Blogger xavier t villarreal said...

the blame is the u.s why because the government has the abiliyt to stop the drug flow and they know woh runs the cartels but the agents that go across the border are only field agents and most of the time dont even carry a gun they also are told what to do and who to look at it is all political look, why stop drugs going north bound when the you know the cash will be coming down the southbound lanes drive down to laredo and see what side of the road the troopers are on it will be the southbound side, remember you cant but new cars and equipment for your department with a load of drugs so you go after the cash i used to work as a u/c agent and this job cost me my career you have no idea what is the real problem outthere on the streets .

April 08, 2009  

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