Thursday, June 15, 2006

Western Politics v Jihad

I found this little story in the comments section of
Dhimmi Watch

The jihadists want the world to know that they are fighting for islam. They are soldiers for mohammad and the islamic way of life. They shout this when they begin their attacks. They blow themselves up for mohammad. Yet, the western left doesn't want to give them credit. That must piss them off:

Jihadist: I fight and die for islam!

Canadian politician: No, you don't. You are just a criminal.

Jihadist: What do you mean, I don't. I carry the sword of the prophet, you dog! I fight for islam!

Politician: No, you don't. You are confused about your religion. Otherwise you would never say that.

Jihadist: Confused about islam?! How dare you, you insolent infidel! I am islam! Islam will conquer the world!

Politician: You don't mean to say that. You are just poor and resentful of your poverty.

Jihadist: What?! I come from a good home. My father was a doctor. We made more than you, you pig! I am not poor. I give my life and my riches to Allah!!

Politician: No, you don't. You just did this because you are confused about your new home.

Jihadist: Are you telling me I don't know my own religion! Do you want to die? How dare you insult me like that?

Politician: That is not an insult to you. Your religious beliefs are not apart of your crimes. Never were. You have never commited any acts on behalf of Allah. Allah would never command you to kill the infidel. Allah commands you to love the infidel.

Jihadist: What??! For this you shall die! I will show you the sword of islam! Allah Snackbar!

Jihadist decapitates lefty politician. Head rolls onto the floor.

Jihadist: There, now you have felt the wrath of Allah, the one true God and mohammad was his messenger. And I his messenger.

Decapitated politician's head: No you aren't. You are just confused.

Jihadist: I'm going insane!!! You fools are driving me crazy!! What do I have to do to convince you? I can't be any more radical than I am! What do you want me to do, walk on air? Seriously, I'm almost ready to give up, this is so frustrating. I'm doing everything in my power to be a solider for islam, but you infidel fools won't give me any credit. You disparage my efforts at every turn. I'm at the end of my rope, really. If I don't start getting some respect from you dhimmis, I'm just going to pack things in. I mean c'mon. I'm ready to die for mohammad, and you are just going to brand me a common criminal. Where's the justice in that? You just don't get this jihad thing, do you? I don't know. I feel like giving up.

Decapitated head: What do you mean give up? You never advocated violence on behalf of islam. How can you give up what you never started?

Jihadist: ARRRRRHHHHH!!!

Jihadist plunges dagger into self. Can not live in a society that refuses to acknowledge jihad and the efforts of jihadists.

Maybe the Left has a method to its madness?

Naw, they are not that clever.

It's just about that bad.


Blogger Brooke said...


Either way, they get their heads cut off.

June 15, 2006  

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