Monday, June 12, 2006

Chinese Cars to be Exported to US

Remember the Yugo? The cheap Yugoslavian econo-cars were rolling jokes.
My favorite;
Why does a Yugo have rear window defroster?... To keep your hands warm while you push.
This time it's even worse because China is a communist dictatorship . More American dollars going into an economy that violates the human rights of it's people as well as abroad. So get ready for the Chinese version; of the Yugo,

George Soros, the billionaire who bankrolled, and Maurice Strong, a major backer of the United Nations and environmentalist causes, are considering pouring hundreds of millions into a Chinese state automaker with plans to beat gin dumping cheap exports on the U.S. market next year, WND has learned.

The "Chery" is a knockoff of the South Korean Spark, sold in the U.S. in partnership with General Motors. GM filed a lawsuit against Chery Automobile Co. for piracy of the car developed by its South Korean affiliate Daewoo.

The lawsuit, launched in the name of GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. Ltd, contends Chery's QQ copied the design of Daewoo's Matiz, while Chery claims it developed the QQ on its own. GM's investigation results showed the two vehicles "shared remarkably identical body structure, exterior design, interior design and key components."

Will U.S. market be flooded with the Chinese-made Chery?

Meanwhile, the Chery QQ sells in China for $3,600.Chery sold about 50,000 of these last year in China and is planning to begin exporting cars to the end of 2007. Some auto industry analysts suggest the low price on the Chery is the partly the result of the "borrowed" technology and design.

Until now, Chery has focused on exports to 10 other countries, including Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Cuba, Syria and Malaysia. But now, with the help of at least two prominent mega-investors – Soros and Strong – China is making big plans for a major push into the North American market.

Soros will be taking advantage of poor Americans who need cheap transportation and will likely be stuck will a clunker that won't even be worth "parting out" ten years after purchase. Think I'm kidding? Just try buy Yugo parts sometime. I can hear the ads now, "from the people who brought you Tinnamen square, we know how to clear out pedestrians" or how about, " the Chery, sweeping across America like soldiers through Tibet"... "Gets 40 Mao's to the gallon"... "The Chery safety manual, better read than dead"...The possibilities are only limited by strict communist censorship.


Anonymous WMD Maker said...

There are many other Chinese auto manufacturers who are planning to come to America. Almost all of them had help of some sort from American auto manufacturers. Remember the Chevy 4 cyl "Iron Duke"? Sold to China. The old 289? Sold to China. GM is bitching about the Cherry because it is not being sold by the company they are in with in China.

June 13, 2006  
Blogger Brooke said...

Man, NO ONE is going to buy one of those things!

June 13, 2006  
Blogger chinacars said...

hey wmd maker, ur right, many are planning to come, check here

Chinese Car Manufacturers

they will definately run kia and maybe hyundai out of the industry

June 13, 2006  

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