Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alfred E Moonbat

Failure to recognize the enemy dept.

Perhaps you remember the character from Mad magizine, Alfred E Neuman, his slogan was “what, me worry?”. Mad is still around,and my daughter reads it. I was thumbing through the latest (July) issue, and came across an article entitled “'Comparing the War in Iraq to Previous Wars “. Keep in mind this is a comic book for kids.The first panel says “Troops in WWI were protected by foxholes...Troops in Iraq are protected by Fox News”. The drawing features a characture of Sean Hannity saying “These poor boys are under a lot of Stress” with an Abu-Grabe like picture in the background.

How about this Alfred? The troops in WWI were attacked by gas warfare, just like the ones Saddam used against the Kurds and Iran.

Panel two says, “The Korean War was caused by by post-WWII instability...The war in Iraq was caused by post 9/11 gullibility”

Alfred, Alfred, Alfred. The Korean war was started by Communism, Saddam's hero is Stalin. Saddam invaded two countries, used gas warfare on his own people, tortured the olympic athletes, filled mass graves, violated 19 UN agreements, kicked UN inspectors out of his country, donated money to terrrorist organizations and filled all of his government controlled TV stations with images of the twin towers being blown up set to romantic music on 9/11. Alfred, even you would worry if Saddam were still in power.

Another panel says, “During Vietnam, draft dodgers abruptly fled the country...during Iraq, draft dodgers led the coutry.” The drawing shows Bush and Cheney sipping champagne and saying “here's to non-competative bidding”

Bush served his country as a National Guardsman, were's the shame in that? As far as Haliburton goes, what other company is large enough to do the job?

“In WWII the liberation of Paris caused songs and revelry...In Iraq, the liberation of Bagdad caused bombs and rivalry”

The Bathist's are now terrrorists, that much is true, but the death toll is smaller than the 100,000 Kurds that were murdered by Saddam's regime.

“During WWII, the Reich blamed their problems on the Jews...during Iraq, the right blames their problems on the news”

Comparing conservative's critisism of news coverage to the holocaust? Now that's real funny, especially for kids. Ask the troops what they think of media coverage, Alfred, do you think they're nazi's too?

“A great image of the Revolutionary War is of Washington crossing the Delaware...a grating image of the Iraq War is of Bush on a boat, outragously lost and unaware” The drawing shows Bush after landing on the aircraft carrier.

Ah yes, the Commander in Chief risks his neck to thank the troops for a job well done, that must be really be grating to the dyed in the wool moonbat, but you support the troops right?

“During the Gulf War, the patriot missile was used to repel our enemies...during the Iraq War, the patriot Act is used to repeal our liberties”

Poor Alfred, every time al-Qaeda calls him, the darn NSA wants to listen in! I'll bet Toronto is glad the 17 terrorists there were spied on, or maybe not, perhaps Alfred would say...what, me worry? Well, they do call themselves the usual gang of idiots.


Blogger Brooke said...

Wow. Mad Magazine is a far, far cry from the periodical I read as a teen.

I quit reading because the comic steadily decreased in wit, while increased in "gross-out" cartoons.

I can see I haven't missed much.

June 11, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

I would've just ignored it , except I think parents should know if their kids are being indoctrinated by a radical agenda.

June 11, 2006  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Most excellent Kevin..I linked to this!..:)

June 11, 2006  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Not sure why u didnt receive the trackback Kev..I linked to ya!

June 12, 2006  

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