Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reporter Attacked At "Atzlan Elementry"

From WND,

A radio reporter (Sandy Wells, pic right) attempting to interview the principal of a publicly funded school backed by radical groups that lay claim to the Southwestern U.S says he was chased down and tackled at the campus today, apparently by order of the principal.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Unified School District officials say they are conducting an investigation of the "performance" and "culture" of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School.

Wells, equipped with a KABC mic and recorder, said that when he inquired at the school's office about interviewing Aguilar, he was told the principal was not in and did not want to talk.

The reporter asked the four or five black-garbed guards stationed outside for permission to interview parents as they arrived at the school with their children but was denied.

Then, according to Wells, a Dodge Magnum abruptly pulled up on the sidewalk, causing the reporter to jump out of the way.

A large Hispanic man with a shaved head, about 25, leaped out of the vehicle and chased Wells down the street, tackled him and demanded the tape.
Wells said the attacker told him he didn't work for the school.

As Wells drove away, he noticed he was being tailed by a black SUV. The reporter called into McIntyre's show and was put on the air, hoping the exposure would prompt his pursuer to back off. The SUV eventually pulled away.

The man who tackled Wells accused the reporter of being "sneaky." But Wells insisted he was at the school with his press credentials and KABC mic in full view and had asked permission to conduct the interviews.
A caller to McIntyre's show this morning, identifying himself as Ricardo, said he was with Aguilar when the principal gave the order to get the tape from Wells.

Ricardo explained he works for a lawyer who is looking into acquiring a temporary restraining order against KABC on the school's behalf.

Ricardo said he believes the intention of the school is to provide an environment in which the radical MEChA can teach its beliefs and policies.

McIntyre said he's been unable to get an explanation from Los Angeles Unified School District officials as to how the school was allowed to be chartered.

Michelle Malkin has more

Expose The Left has video of Wells on O'Reilly

It seems that Aguilar's goons are trying to clamp down on the media, perhaps it's time to get back to the three "R"'s?

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

From the link to Academia Semillas:

Our students reflect the community we serve...

Quite an irony there!

The very premise of this school causes a division in the community. ARRGGHHH!!!

June 02, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

The purpose of school is to prepare children for life. What kind of life are these children being prepared for?
Who are they going to speak Anuahac to? What good is the Aztec calender to these kids? At least they won't be asked to practice human sacrifice like the Aztecs.

June 02, 2006  

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