Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yuma Patriots

Yet another grassroots anti-illegal immigration site has popped up, this is based in Yuma AZ. Yuma is just 10 miles or from from the border. Here's what they have to say,

Eighteen Ways to Help Solve Illegal Immigration

(It’s a Good START!)

In days and times when most Governments (and individuals) are liken to Buddhist Monks, in that they are afraid to scratch their heads least they should incommode their vermin, it is up to a few concerned citizens to take a stand in order to put things in their proper perspectives.

Below are 18 items I believe would curb a great deal of illegal immigration while simultaneously ending the “financial feast” of those who profit from it!

* 1: Eliminate all mention of Section 245(i), even if expired,
from the US Immigration and Naturalization Code. No more
Amnesty, ever.

* 2: Get legislation through Congress that would enable States
to deny goodies to Illegals, a la Prop #187.

* 3: Outlaw Mexican matricula consular IDs, and kick banks
accepting them out of the FDIC. Legal depositors will withdraw
from recalcitrant banks.

* 4: Beef up Border Security with manpower, resources, and a
Volunteer Reserve, if necessary. No troops, and no messing
with posse comitatus, this should be a civilian effort.

* 5: Beef up the immigration courts and set deportation
hearings for two weeks after apprehension, with no bail.

* 6: Run sting operations at day laborer sites.

* 7: Establish two-way communication between the IRS and
Border Security, and start apprehending and deporting Illegals
using false SS numbers (no, the current over-hyped voluntary
program doesn't count).

* 8: Seize the assets of businesses knowingly hiring Illegals
under the RICO Act, as they are ongoing criminal enterprises.
Prosecute executives who knowingly hire Illegals.

* 9: Compile biometric information on Illegals, and declare
that they will be permanently ineligible for immigration and

* 10: If the United States declares that the above proposals
against Illegals will be diligently enforced after a certain
date, many Illegals will leave beforehand, and a relatively
small number of well-publicized cases of enforcement
throughout the Lower 48 will result in millions of Illegals
deporting themselves.

* 11: End the busting of immigration caps by limiting family
reunification to spouses and dependent children, and counting
them against the caps when they are brought in. Require all
future immigrants to declare their future intent to bring in
family upon arrival. This way, families can immigrate in a
controlled, orderly fashion without the current deceptions
being used against the American public. We must have truth in

* 12: Outlaw anchor babies, and give the option to the Illegal
parent of taking the child with them upon deportation, or
putting them up for adoption.

* 13: Outlaw bilingual ballots, and resume the
English-speaking requirements for citizenship.

* 14: Establish English skills as a prerequisite for future
immigrants. Let's start admitting folks who will hit the
ground running toward assimilation.

* 15: Shut off new immigration to nations that offer dual
citizenship. Disqualify current immigrants from those nations
from future American citizenship.

* 16: Make Mexico and Central America our cheap import sources
of choice with tariffs on manufacturing from other sources,
especially China.

* 17: In return, Mexico must open up to American investment by
allowing the sale of real estate to us and guaranteeing
property our rights. Getting Mexico to fix its economy is

* 18: Establish a guest worker program where an initial bond
is posted by the Illegal and his employer, say $500 each, with
more withheld from the Illegal's earnings, as security for his
departure from the US by the specified date. Guest worker
visas must be applied for in the workers' countries of origin,
and participants are only eligible to be employed by their
sponsoring employer. Violation of these terms will render the
worker ineligible for any future visas or residence in the US.
Any guest worker program can only come after anti-Illegal
measures are in place. Handshake promises of future diligence
will not be trusted from any politician of either party,
including President Bush.

While this list is not exhaustive, I believe it is a good start!!!!

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Anonymous WMD Maker said...

The only one I have a problem with is #5. Make the court an administrative court like the DMV or IRS Guilty until proven innocent. Deport them immediatly if they do not have their documentation. No court no nothing except a trip back over the border.

May 31, 2006  

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