Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kos Kids Attack Jews.

The Jewish footprint on the world is pretty small. New Jersey is larger. Consider the map of the Middle East. Tiny Israel is surrounded by much larger Muslim nations that stretches from Morroco to Indonesia. Yet 20,330 sq km of Jewish land to too much to bare for the Islamic hatred of Israel that goes back to Mohammed's beheading of all 900 Jewish men in Medina.

Jewish history of 4000 years in Israel is little match for the venom spewed towards them from every direction. More recently, Jews are in danger from a new direction, the American Left. Anti-Semitism has long been assosiated with Nazi Germany, but it's also a main componant of Communism and Socialism, and as the far left moves further from center, it becomes more ribald in it's anti-Semitism.

Daily Kos is the most popular blog amongst the far left and a staunch supporter of Juan Cole
Cole's rejection by Yale is criticised by Kos as

"not left versus right or any other kind of ideological dispute. This is about a corporate attitude versus the academic freedom that makes the academy work."

OK, let's examine Juan Cole's work.

*University of Michigan professor of Middle East and South Asian history

*President of Middle East Studies Association

*Highly sought-after by media as an "expert" on Middle Eastern affairs

*Believes that a "pro-Likud" cabal controls the American government from a small
number of key positions within the Executive Branch

*Decries the term "Islamo-fascist" as a "thoroughly abhorrent" form of bigotry,
even as he routinely brands Zionism as "racist" and "fascist"

Yeah, the Jews control the White House and and are racist, and facsists. Didn't Hitler claim the reason Germany was in economic trouble was because the Jews controlled everything? Anti-Semites are profoundly paranoid, any sort of miniscule political or finacial success is quickly deemed part of the "International Zionist Conspirocy". This politcal psycosis is now driving the new left. Here's more evidence of Cole's conspiracy theorys,

"The Neocons wanted to knock down Saddam, Khamenei and al-Asad in hopes that those countries would be so weakened and preoccupied with internal power struggles that Sharon would have an unimpeded opportunity to pursue his dreams of Greater Israel."

"It may be that the powerful Likudniks inside the U.S. government are deliberately engineering a diplomatic rift in NATO, so as to ensure that Paris and Moscow cannot position themselves to influence Washington's position (usually supine) toward Sharon's excesses."

Paul Wolfowitz' attitude to NATO allies is "so gratuitous
and immature that one can only guess something else lay behind it"; in Cole's view, that "something else" is a wish to create bad blood between the U.S. government and states that are, in Cole terms, "no longer a knee-jerk supporter of Israeli militarism and expansionism."

Check a map sometime Mr Cole, Israel is getting smaller, not expanding. As far as Paris and Moscow, they're not the most trustworthy allies, unless of course you're an anti-Semetic Socialist. And what exactly are these plans of a greater Israel? Unlike Islam, which is bound by the Koran ( 8:39) to fight untill all the world is for Islam, Israel is just fighting for the right to exist. Cole is a crackpot hatemonger who shouldn't be teaching anywhere.


Blogger beakerkin said...

Of course if one made similar stupid remarks about Gays or Blacks one would't have a job in any University

June 16, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

That right, PC is a one way street.

June 16, 2006  
Blogger Brooke said...

A one way street to Hell.

June 16, 2006  

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