Friday, March 31, 2006

The Racecard

Get caught hitting a cop? No problem! Just use the Racecard!

From Discover the Network
Voted to legalize the killing of babies after they are born

Voted against a resolution supporting Israel in the War on Terror, but refused to vote for a resolution condemning the anti-Semitic statements of a disciple of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

Told a Saudi prince she would accept his offer of $10 million that New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani rejected because it came with anti-Semitic strings attached

Provided propaganda for Communist FARC guerrillas in Colombia

Voted against school vouchers for black parents in Washington, D.C.

"We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11. What did this administration know and when did it know it, about the events of September 11th? Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered?….What do they have to hide?" -- Rep. Cynthia McKinney

"Ms. McKinney is a racist and anti-Semite of the first rank. If she were white and male, she would be David Duke." -- Peter Swartz, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University


Blogger Brooke said...

Daaaaamn. What more can be said, other than I would suggest that she cut up her race card, call Jessi Jackson and cancel her account.

April 01, 2006  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

McKinney got into5 a bit of trouble in one of her elections. Saudi bucks in her campaign funds.

This incident on Capitol Hill was her fault. At least, that's how the story started out when it first broke here in the D.C. area. Now, along comes the race card.

Race has zero to do with this. According to first reports, McKinney was dressed like a slob that day and wasn't wearing her I.D. pin.

Of course, one knows which is the right side when Harry Belafonte speaks out on the issue. He supports McKinney. So does Danny Glover, who has a bit of history playing the race card himself.

April 01, 2006  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Typo! into5 = into

April 01, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

She doesn't need an ID badge, she has RACECARD!

April 01, 2006  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

cool post Kev..I wrote bout this woman too...sheesh...who's in Congress these days anyways?

April 01, 2006  

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