Friday, March 31, 2006

ACLU Doesn't Apply Seperation of Church and State To Islam

Stop The ACLU

Liberals proudly beam about how the ACLU keeps America safe from becoming a theocracy by dilegently keeping “church and state” seperated through endless lawsuits. I don’t believe that the founders of our country meant for the First Amendment to be bent to the shape the ACLU has put it into, but there is definitely a line between religion and the government that needs to be drawn.

In Bridgeport West Virginia, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer has asked a West Virginia high school to remove a picture of Jesus Christ that has hung at the school for 40 years. I won’t argue argue against the point that a highschool is really not an appropriate place for the picture, and I’ll even concede that the ACLU will probably win this case, but it most definitely is not a threat. And when voluntary acedemic classes on the Bible are offered at a school, you can bet the ACLU will be keeping a watchful eye. While I have my apprehensions with the ACLU on this , no one wants our children to be indoctrinated.

While there are grey areas, where we can all debate these controversial issues, there should not be a double standard. When it comes to Christianity in the public schools, the ACLU’s outcry can be heard the loudest. When it is Islam in the public schools, the ACLU’s silence speaks volumes.
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