Thursday, August 03, 2006

Paris Airports Shut Down Muslim Prayer Rooms

Hat tip to Jihad watch

Apparently, France isn't as far gone as one might think.

Police have shut down makeshift Muslim prayer rooms at Paris' two main airports after they came under scrutiny following a far-right politician's allegations that Islamists were compromising security.

Yeah, you'd have to be some kind of fringe kook to think that.

Officials insist there was no threat. But the prayer sites set up by Muslim workers in cloak rooms, depots and other areas at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports were quietly shuttered. There are three official prayer rooms still open at each airport, just as there are chapels for Christians and synagogues for Jews.

A book published in May by Philippe de Villiers, a presidential hopeful who opposes Muslim immigration, said clandestine prayer rooms honeycombed the corridors beneath airport runways and that Muslims were poised to put the premises under Islamic Sharia law.

Villiers claimed to base his book, "The Mosques of Roissy," on intelligence reports. While many saw the book as a publicity grab, it caused a stir and briefly climbed the best seller list.

The AP article goes on and on about how there's no threat, but there was no mention of the number of highjackings by Muslims as opposed to other groups.


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