Friday, June 02, 2006

EU Rejects Airline Security To US

The eurodhimmi's at the European Union have ruled it illegal to supply America with security information regarding potential terrrorists flying into the United States. Previous cooperation has been overruled by the EU's highest court. Over the next four months, the EU and the US will attempt to negotiate a new agreement.

If an agreement can'tbe reached the United States may have to resort to denying passage to airliners who refuse previously agreed upon secutity measures. The current agreement wasn't established until May 2004 and is now ruled null and void in the eyes of the European Court of Justice. The court has argues that the EU lacked the authority to make such a deal. This makes one wonder why the US would bother to deal with the EU.

The agreement was meant to last until 2007 and gave the US access to thirty four catagories of information about passengers coming into the US. Graham Watson, Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe said “The European Court is saying yes, the European parliament is right, that the data transfer program is illegal. What will now be needed is some pretty tough talking to get a new agreement in which our concerns about privacy are properly adressed.”

Get a clue Watson, the airlines are a long favored target of terrorists and if you want to travel here, we reserve the right to protect ourselves from potential attackers. The US has warned that flights could be refused if an acceptable agreement has not been met. Lets hope Bush sticks to his guns on this one, otherwise, Americans would be foolish to travel these airlines.


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