Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interviewed by Beakerkin

Tonight I'm interviewed by the admirable and humorous Beakerkin of the Beak Speaks

Interviewed by Beakerkin

Certain bloggers should have earned the right to an interview long ago. Kevin writes a superior blog and always posts interesting comments. Most of the people I interview request one. The delay in this case is my fault and no slight on my part for a talented blogger

Aww shucks…The interview is an honor and a privilege. Personally, I’m amazed by how many great blogs there are out there.

1 What has happened to the Republican party ? I am furious over the current immigration bill. Has the Bush administration abandoned its supporters?.

On Illegal immigration, the Bush administration was never with it’s supporters, or the majority of the nation for that matter. Only 38% are against a wall. The Republican party (and the Dems) is so concerned about winning the 2020 election they’ve put themselves up against two thirds of the voters who are alive now. I’ve talked about terrorists crossing our borders north and south, this is the most important aspect of the debate. National security without secure borders is our next 9/11

2 What are your views of legal immigrants ? Legal immigrants play by the rules and in the case of Pilipino siblings wait 20 years

I’m in favor of legal immigration with the exception of mass Muslim immigration like we’ve seen in France and most of Europe. This ties in directly to the previous question. Legal immigration gives us a chance to do background checks on individuals who may have anti-American sentiments, a criminal history, or health concerns.

3 Should military personnel get expedited waiting times cut in half. I am for this as if a person is willing to serve in the military it is the least we can do. Several of our regular readers disagreed with this.

I’m with you on this one Beak. Serving your country is a honor, but it’s also a sacrifice. One that many are not willing to make without conscription. I would prefer an immigrant who served the military over an American who fled to Canada any day.

4 Do we need to reconsider the entire formula for immigration. The notion of family ties is not consistent with a modern economy ? I would prefer the focus to be vocational with some provisions for human rights refugees.

Yes, the current immigration policy seems to be centered on two mains points. The business driven desire for cheap labor, and the PC notion that anyone who wants a secure border is a racist. Upsetting large contributors and minority groups are toxic to politicians, and this is cause of great concern. Primarily because both of these assumptions are patently false. Cheap labor tends to lean heavily on government services and have a stagnation effect on higher wage earners. This is unfair to the citizens of this country who are supposed to be represented by our elected officials. There is no justification for a citizen to be financially burdened to benefit a particular racial group or businessman who’s too cheap to hire Americans. The tradition of welcoming political refugees is a noble one that should continue, although some proof should be required.

By “family ties” I assume you mean that charity starts at home. This value may be lost in the corporate world but not in families.

5 Has NAFTA failed the treaty was supposed to boost the economy of Mexico. Instead more illegal aliens are coming in then ever before

In that regard it certainly has failed, in the sad tradition of the Reagan Amnesty plan (don’t get mad, I would still vote for him), but every thinly veiled solution to rampant illegal immigration has had the same results, more illegals. This is one the reasons why Bush is suffering in the polls, we’ve been hearing these weak border, strong amnesty arguments for 20 years now. In regards to NAFTA, at the time I thought it was a good idea and really would help the economy of Mexico, but the corruption south of the border rules over the best of intentions.

6 Are you prepared to deny all social services including education to illegal aliens.
Emergency medical care should be provided for humanitarian purposes.

Regretfully, yes. I grew up in southern California and lived there almost all my life and I can tell you without hesitation that the vast majority of migrant Mexicans are great people. But this is a case of too much of a good thing. In order to secure the border we must enforce deterrents on all fronts. Although I agree with your point on emergency care.

7 Are you prepared to fine and jail business owners who violate our labor laws.

I think fines are in order for first time offenders. I would reserve jail time to the worst repeat scofflaws. I have a construction background, so as you can imagine I’ve seen a lot of his going on. Contractors pick up materials and labor at the Home Depot. I don’t know how many of these day laborers are legal, but I’ve never seen anyone check and Border Patrol agents at these well known pick up points are as rare as a common sense politician.

8 Should student loans be eliminated for Universities that give seats to illegal aliens ?

Yes, colleges are already over burdened. I’m also in favor of shutting down all federal funding to cities ( like Los Angeles ) with
amnesty laws. These methods would work almost instantly. The fact they haven’t been tried yet is another grain of sand on the mountain of evidence that our border policies are designed to fail.

9 Do you follow professional sports if so what teams do you root for.

I love baseball and football, I follow the San Diego teams. Go Padres!
I also followed the World Baseball Classic and attended several games, including the championship game.

10 Do high movie prices and poor content keep you from going to the movies

Poor content does, as you already know I thought United 93 was great. Mel Gibson’s been on a good run lately. Like most people, I rent a lot of movies.

11 Choose one classic NJ Dinner or a theme steakhouse

Ohio is as far east as I’ve ever been, a lot of people I’ve met from the east coast talk about how great the quantity and quality of restaurants. One of these days I’m going to go there. I’m a history buff, so Washington, Boston and Philadelphia are high on my list of things to do in my life. Ruth's Criss in San Diego is nice.

War with trolls
12 Does it seem that the familiar trolls invent conspiracies when they do not have the facts ?

Seem? The video release of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon is a complete waste of time. Conspiracy theorists will never be impressed by the facts, they think it’s just Carl Rove trying to get people scared into voting Republican. As you know these are the same apologists of the muhadjideen, Saddam, Iran etc….

13 Have you noticed trolls seldom stay on subject. I post about the history of death
under Communism and Ducky and John Brown point the finger at Israel and George Bush.

Yes, I don’t see how this furthers their agenda, I suppose it makes them feel better. Of course, controlling the debate is a common tactic. The liberals have been able to control the media focus and language for years until talk radio and the internet came along. They’re still not as used to being confronted, Conservatives are used to it.

14 You do not seem to attract many trolls. Are there some blogs that are troll magnets.

I haven’t been around long, so I probably get less traffic (30-50 hits a day)than heavily trolled blogs. It’s surprising what does get trolled sometimes, my post about Neil Young’s anti-Bush CD got me in trouble with some people I’d never seen before or since. But, I’ve yet to delete a post due to obnoxious behavior.


15 Is socialism theft with good PR. An investor invests Capital in a business venture
and a populist clown nationalizes the industry often without compensating the investors.

The first thing Mussolini did when he took power was to outlaw the stock market. God may have “created all men (and women) equal”, but that doesn’t guarantee equal outcome. I can’t slam dunk or write a great novel, these are rare talents that need to be rewarded. To take away from these talents will only discourage them. It may not be theft, but it is counter productive and leads everyone down a path of mediocrity. The fairest government allows for unlimited success and provides for the needy. The pilgrams taught us that.

16 Are people who continue to espouse Socialism and Communism flat earth types, utopian zealots or mental defectives.

The flat earth analogy seems to work best, whether it’s holocaust denial or the ole’ “real communism just hasn’t been tried yet!” arguments, they all require a stark avoidance of factual evidence. Some apologists will condescendingly go on about the nuances between different communist/socialist theories, but there will never be an end to the constant tinkering to justify further atrocities in the advancement of the left. Socialists who live in the United States need to immigrate to a country they care about. They’ll be happier and so will we.

Blog Mayhem

17 What blogs do you read daily ? What is the key to drawing a huge audience. Pam of Atlas Shrugged is over 1,000,000 visitors. She does also get the most cruel and vile of trolls. Her trolls almost swarm to that site.

I owe a lot to the bloggers who frequent my blog, their encouragement keeps Amboy going. The interactivity of blogging is what makes this worthwhile for me. Angel of Woman Honor Thyself and Brooke of NeoCon Command Center have helped me enormously. American Crusader and Iran Watch have been much appreciated regulars. The Beak Speaks, AOW, Eyes All Around, Linknzona, Liberty and Culture, IBA, The City Troll, etc… It's a good little group we have here. The big blogs I like are Jihad/Dhimmi Watch, Michelle Malkin, Stop The ACLU, Strategypage, Uncooperative Blogger…there are a lot more that I visit sporadically but space forbids.

Atlas is a great blog, if you missed her interview with Andrew Bostom, check it out. As far as audience goes, I would say daily posts, pick a topic you’re interested in, stay active on other blogs, and be a good blogging neighbor.

18 Is being a great host like AOW and American Crusader a key.

Yes, both of those sites attact goods comments. A good topic is also a must.


19 The locals complain about traffic on I 87 . However I explain the Garden State and the NJ Turnpike are the worst I ever encounter. They are so bad they almost warant a survivor type show. Do you get used to the congestion and Ben Hur types on the local highways.

California is just as bad, especially LA. If you put too many rats in a cage, they’ll eventually start to attack each other, and this is the case with traffic. People making their own lanes, passing on the right, and running red lights are common. I’ve driven 20K miles a year all my adult life and I’ve seen it all on the road. On the I-5 in San Diego I saw a guy lose a wheel, numerous spin outs and wrecks, Illegal aliens and stoners trying to cross the freeway in traffic, you name it.

20 In the Northeast bridge and tunnel tolls are used to subsidize mass transit is this a good idea ?

I suppose so. Mass transit in California is a joke, you guys are lucky to have the option of not driving.

21 Are you embarassed at some of the talk going on around you on cell phones in public transportation. I really do not need the person next to me describing her lousy dates, medical conditions or husband that forgets everything not nailed to the ground.

See #20. I do run into this problem in line to purchase something, and people who talk on the phone in theaters need a good whooping.


22 Have you visited any casinos recently. I never seem to make it past the buffet and the shows.

I live near Laughlin NV, and have visited the casinos there for food, internet access, and the occasional movie. I don’t gamble except the occasional football pool. The casinos there are right on the Colorado River, sometimes I enjoy an evening stroll, take in the sights and people watch.

23 Do you listen to talk radio if so what shows are your favorites?

Not much anymore unless I’m in my truck. I like Hannity, and Michael Medved.

24 Have you played minature golf?

You bet, but I prefer the batting cages or those little race cars.

25 Should Lawn Ornaments be outlawed ?

I disagree with lawn ornaments, but I will fight to the death your right to have them. Thanks for the interview Beaker, it was fun.


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Wooooooooooo now ure bein interviewed!!..Can I have yer autograph? job hun!!

May 17, 2006  
Blogger LomaAlta said...

Great, enjoyed the interview. And, as they say in Spanish, "gracias por la flor".

Good luck to you and best wishes.

May 17, 2006  
Blogger beakerkin said...

Woman Honor Thyself you have been on the top ten most wanted list for an interview since its inception.

May 18, 2006  
Blogger American Crusader said...

Excellent interview and thanks for the mention.
Next September or so I will restart my blog. I just have way too much going on this summer
I agree with your immigration questions/answers. Why should a needy American not get into a school so that an illegal alien can. In reality, I don't know why we educate so many people from so many countries, especially those who hate us.

May 18, 2006  
Blogger Brooke said...

Very good interview, Beak and Kevin! It's nice to get to hear opinions on a wide variety of things!

May 18, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

Thanks everbody and especially Beaker.

May 18, 2006  
Blogger beakerkin said...

You have discovered the secret that a couple of bloggers have uncovered. These interviews also make killer posts.

May 19, 2006  

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