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CAIR Panics Over United 93

On 10 May, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) posted an
item titled: Muslims Concerned 'United 93' Creates Anti-Islam

According to Bushra Khan, office manager for CAIR’s Arizona chapter,
she and two Muslim friends were verbally assaulted by a couple who had
apparently just watched the movie, “United 93”. The movie covered the
events of September 11, 2001, when passengers and crew rose up and
defended their fellow Americans by denying Islamic terrorists the
opportunity to deliberately crash United flight 93 as their co-religionists
had done earlier that horrible morning.

Bushra Khan, the office manager for the Council on American-Islamic
Relations' Arizona chapter, was so upset that she sent a message out to
all 31 CAIR offices nationwide about the incident. However, she
apparently wasn’t offended enough to call the FBI or local law
enforcement in to investigate yet another possible
“anti-Muslim hate crime”.

Khan has the dubious distinction of working for CAIR,
an organization that repeatedly has problems with facts;
an organization that has consistently defended Muslims
involved in “hate crimes” that never occurred,
an organization that labels even the most innocuous of
statements about Islam as “Islamophobia” in an effort to bully
Americans into acceptance of CAIR as arbiter of everything Islamic
in America. In short, CAIR
promotes a version of Islam that is at odds with America and American


August, 2004: CAIR demands law enforcement
investigate an intentionally
set fire at a Muslim-owned store as a
possible “hate crime”. The
police did investigate and ended up
arresting the stores owner, Amjad
Adnuar. CAIR, which had pressed for the
investigation, was “stunned” when
told that Adnuar had been arrested for
torching his own store.

“Stunned”, indeed!

July, 2004: CAIR calls on “local and national leaders to address the
issue of growing Islamophobic prejudice following an arson attack on a
Muslim-owned business in Washington State”. The stores owner, Mirza
Akram, is later arrested on federal charges of Arson.

“…growing Islamophobic prejudice…?”

In an article by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha, we see how CAIR
demonstrates its disregard for facts in an obvious ploy to falsely show that
Americans hate Muslims and that CAIR is the answer to growing
“Islamophobia” in North America.

The article, “CAIR’s Hate Crimes Nonsense” details how CAIR manipulates
facts, invents anti-Muslim attacks that either never took place or were
proven not to be “hate crimes” in the first place…or were committed by
Muslims themselves.

In light of CAIR’s history of inventing facts and incidents to support
its warped, Islamist world-view, it is right to question if this event
even took place. Absent credible witnesses, Anti-CAIR seriously doubts
this event occurred.

All Americans would be well served to believe anything stated by CAIR
to be a lie until proven otherwise.

This so-called “Muslim Civil Rights Group” whose program is an insult
to every American who values the Constitution; the very same
organization that has done absolutely nothing significant to assist our country
defending itself from Islamist terror; the same organization that
willingly defends Islamic terrorists and criminals and that bashes the
United States at every opportunity has the nerve to complain…over harsh
words…in an event that most likely never happened?

When are we Americans going to substitute “harsh words” for action in
demanding of our elected representatives that they do the right thing
and protect the country by shutting down CAIR and CAIR’s fellow travelers
in the now-legal Islamist movements that are hell-bent on converting
our great country into another cheap Islamist theocracy?



For another view of the “United 93” incident, please visit:

(Dr. Daniel Pipe’s take on Khan’s report.)
Readers are invited to read a "Special Report" by Douglas Hagmann,
Director of the NorthEast Intelligence Network:

From the article:

"On 11 May, 2006, I contacted the police department responsible for the
protection of the citizens who visit this upscale mall to obtain a copy
of the police report of this incident. As Ms. Khan and her companions
expressed a genuine fear for their safety, it would not only be
reasonable, but prudent to request police assistance when confronted in such a
manner. Further, a review of the police report would provide additional
avenues of investigation into this alleged verbal assault reportedly
caused by “United 93.”

It was discovered that no police report exists; despite the fear
expressed by the young women. Thinking that the women at least requested
assistance from the security employed by the Desert Ridge Marketplace, I
contacted that office on two occasions to inquire about the incident.

“This is the first I’ve heard about it,” stated the officer answering
the telephone on May 10, 2006. “If something like that did happen, we
would probably know about it, most definitely,” he added. At his urging,
however, I contacted the officer in charge on the following day to see
if any report of the incident was on file.

“We have no record of the incident. No one from our security detail
responded to any complaint as you described,” he stated. “I can’t say that
it didn’t happen, but if it did, we were never notified or called for
assistance,” added the officer in charge.

In summary, it appears that the incident of verbal abuse that allegedly
took place on or about April 29, 2006 was not reported to anyone
outside of the CAIR organization despite the level of fear the victims
expressed and the concern this incident has caused on a national level. My
investigation failed to find any independent corroborating evidence that
the verbal assault alleged by these three young Muslim women, one who
is a CAIR employee, occurred in the manner in which it has been publicly
reported. Although it might well have taken place as described, my
investigation found no police report, no incident report on file with mall
security, and no independent confirmation of this incident of verbal
assault that is causing such a panic within the Muslim community."


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Notice that these "hate crimes" were not reported to the police. Therefore, I give these "crimes" no credence.

Andrew Whitehead of Anti-CAIR does a great job of exposing CAIR's propaganda campaign.

May 15, 2006  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

CAIR is a moooslim organization so what do u expect..sheesh.
Yea lets worry bout the cells plotting right here in our midst..I don't thinkkkkkkkkkkk so!

May 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It damn well should raise anti-islamic sentiment. Just because you are pissed at the people who perpetrated and promoted the 9/11 attacks does not mean you should go and beat up every muslim you see.


May 15, 2006  
Blogger Brooke said...

CAIR has top members who have been convicted for terror related crimes.

I won't listen to a thing CAIR has to say!

May 15, 2006  

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