Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illegal Alien Protest Aftermath

I ran a search this morning to see if I could find something unique about yesterday's Nothing Gringo Day and stumbled upon this website. Illegal Immigrant Protest Their mission is very similar to my Nothing Mexican Day.
here's a sample,
Our Objective

A place for FED UP American Citizens to gather, unite, communicate and coordinate the largest official 2006 National Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest in American HISTORY!
We will be here long after the May 5th & 6th rallies! We are looking forward to being a "One Stop Shop" in helping people to find a protest location in their neighborhoods at any given time.
We are working in conjunction with MANY other organizations in an effort to unite and collaborate all of our efforts. Other legitimate organizations are encouraged to contact us about their protest events. We will gladly post these official events on our website for FREE!
If you don't find a protest location in your area, please check back often! We are updating this website several times a day!

Banned Breed talks about "You Don't Speak For Me" and "Stop The Invasion"
As so many have become quite livid over the recent "Let's Legalize Criminal Behavior" a.k.a. "Guest Worker Program"concept, here are a couple organizations stepping up to the plate to defend how many of us view this situation:
First -- is the info from the "You Don't Speak For Me" coalition which is comprised of many upstanding citizens of Hispanic descent.
Second -- is information from www.Grassfire.org on "Stop The Invasion" billboard campaign they have launched. Their site provides a real time graphic to show the completion of each billboard.
My feeling thus far is the May Day protests did more harm that good for the open borders advocates. The massive gatherings have alerted a lot of people just how out of hand this issue has become. Polling Report data shows public opinion has shifted dramatically against Illegal immigration. A USA Today/Gallup poll showed 81% thought that illegal immigration was out of control
81% is a massive mandate by any standards. I hope America makes it's voice heard this weekend as well as in the next election.

Michelle Malkin shows us the pictures the MSM loves to ignore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Write your congressman NOW
let them know there is someone else out there besides these illegals, some one who can and does VOTE


is one website that has addresses
STOP this while we still have a chance

WMD Maker

May 02, 2006  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

My feeling thus far is the May Day protests did more harm that good for the open borders advocates.

I hope you're right. But many of my friends have the helpless attitude of "What can we do?"

Get on your elected representatives and don't let up! If you have a blog, emphasize that fact in your letters. What matters to politicians is GETTING VOTES, and tell them that what's at stake is more than one vote.

May 02, 2006  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Hope youre right Kevin ..if it did more harm than good..we may have a prayer..but not if the Hollywood Leftys have any say in the matter..grr!

May 02, 2006  

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