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Murtha Mouths for Mullahs

Via LGF,

It's official, Murtha's a traitor.

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

Perhaps we should encourage the jihadists to invade us.

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Blogger chancuff said...

"American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said.."

Were I in Sun-Sentinel's shoes, I'd sit quiet as a mouse, hoping this will all blow over without much more fuss. Elizabeth Baier quotes Murtha several times in her Breaking World News (Brit Hume of Fox News as well as the Wall Street Joural have taken Baier's ball and run with it) claims of what Murtha said in Miami. When direct quotes are used, it's often the case the reporter has recorded the event, in order to make certain their quotes are accurate. What initially drew my attention was her lack of quotes for what she claims Murtha said in her first paragraph.,0,7119684.story

Shortly after reading the Sun Sentinel story, I googlenews'ed "Murtha Miami Iran Nuclear"
Among the dozens of hits quoting Ms. Baier indexed within a few hours of the Sun Sentinel's earth shaking expose' of Murtha's talk, I found another article published by the Miami Herald.

You will notice, this writer totally missed Murtha's "shot heard around the world" (technorati now has 400+ hits for what Ms. Baier claims Murtha said.)

On the unlikely chance Ms. Baier did *not* quote Murtha from a recording she made at the event ... I've written the Florida International University Public Relations folks asking them to preserve their audio/video recording of this event they sponsored for Murtha to speak at.

I've sent inquiries to the entire editorial boards of the Sun Sentinel, Wall Street Journal, Arizona Sun Star and Miami Herald, as well as Knight Ridder, asking them to pursue any recording of this event, in pursuit of the real news story, Elizabeth Baier.

It shouldn't take more than a day, or three, for Ms Baier to experience personally, that the world of journalism is flat. Whether you like or despise John Murtha is no longer the story. The real story is ... just how far has mainstream media sunk? Is Jerry Springer Journalism the new standard for reporters?

Here's what should strike every blogger as truly shocking... If Murtha never said anything like this ... If America's Conservative Talking Heads plastering this "Murtha fiction" all over the internet, including Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, then who's to blame for this story achieving such prominence that our enemies will have no trouble finding it, and get the comfort these stories provide them?

Hold your breath and hope that all this aid to our enemies really does have to do with what Murtha said in Miami. Until this gets cleared up by audio/video recordings verifying what was said, it's America's media "dittoheads", including bloggers that are the ones providing comfort our enemies.

Let's hope Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and of course, bloggers ain't the real culprits giving comfort to our enemies.

Keep in mind there are only two stories written by reporters who were actually in Miami last Saturday, where Murtha spoke. One used Mutha's outrageous comments as her opening paragraph, and the other, at a competing Newspaper in Florida, never mentioned them at all.

I spent a few hours on the phone with a friend of mine who is editor for a news site. I'm letting him run with this ball. You can follow how this story develops at:


June 27, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

The comments section is for comments, not for posting entire articles from your own blog. It's customary to leave a link of your blog while commenting on the post.

June 27, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

Also, if Murtha was misquoted, why hasn't he said so?

June 27, 2006  
Blogger chancuff said...

Sorry for the long post. I'm not James at theinfozone. I posted the above post at every blog who's administrators permitted it. I've spent the last couple days and nights exchanging emails with hundreds throughout the media world. I had no clue what I was stumbling upon, thus I handed much of the investigative reporting over to James.

If you check his site, you will probably find the press release Mr Murtha published today.

For what it's worth, I have no connection to either theinfozone nor John Murtha, other than those that have been formed in the last two days. Prior to last Sunday James and I had met each other in an AOL chat room a few months ago and have occasionally sent each other news stories we found interesting.

It was James sending me the DrudgeReport link to the Arizona Star copy of the Sun-Sentinel story that started all this. Reading that story left me with the nagging question, "That doesn't sound like something Murtha would say."

The Sun-Sentinel will be publishing their correction tomorrow. the Arizona Star probably will too.

When I've been able to get some sleep, I'll start work on getting the Wall Street Journal and Brit Hume at Fox News to correct their stories, too.

The blogger buzz has been very beneficial towards the cause of curing what I called "Jerry Springer Journalism"


June 27, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

Apology accepted, as far as Jerry Springer goes, you can find him on Air America schilling for your buddies on the left. However, since the source has issued a correction to the story then I will as well.

June 28, 2006  
Blogger chancuff said...

The mainstream media has misbehaved in ways you have yet to imagine. I'm the one who initiated fixing Sun-Sentinel's error last Monday morning at 3am, when I sent my first email to 39 staff members of the Sun Sentinel. Take a look what some newspapers will do, to avert coming clean. This Sun-Sentinel story is the one everyone, Novak, Hume, Fund (WSJ), etc quoted. Get your screen capture of what they've done now. You're watching history in the making, you're gonna want this cached copy as our efforts to fix this mess continues.

Here's what Elizabeth Baier's story looks like now: news...0,7119684.story

You are watching history in the making. For those here who think this is insignificant, notice the date of publication, it is still the same publication date as the original, before this story was rewritten. Feel free to pass this tidbit onto anyone you know who may be interested in watching this unfold (unravel?) You'd never believe me if I told you what's been going on over at the Wall Street Journal. That will be a news story all it's own, probably by late next week.


June 30, 2006  

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