Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stop the ACLU Blogburst

I thought it would be interesting and informative to illustrate what
our Nation might be like if it caved into all of the radical ideals of
the ACLU. It ended up quite scary, and if we were to follow the law of
consequence to its end, I'm certain I have only scratched the surface.

On October 27, 1787, Alexander Hamilton predicted that a "dangerous
ambition" would one day tyrannize the gangling young American Republic,
all the while lurking "behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of
the people." It could almost be said that Hamilton had a prophecy of
the ACLU.

Our nation would be quite a scary and dangerous place if it were left
in the hands of the ACLU. Creating an accurate picture of what our
nation would be like is complicated by the inconsistencies in the ACLU's
philosophy, but one can conclude that it would definitely be a much more
dangerous society to live in.
To begin with, if our nation were under the ACLU's ideas, national sovereignty would be no more. Our
constitution would become obsolete and superceded by International law. This
would completely undermine national security, which the ACLU are
constantly at odds with.

For instance, the ACLU filed a formal complaint with the
United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention against the United
States, stating that the United States violated international law when it
detained 765 Arab Americans and Muslims for security reasons after the
September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on our nation. Eventually, 478
were deported. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said, “With today’s
action, we are sending a strong message of solidarity to advocates in
other countries who have decried the impact of U.S. policies on the
human rights of their citizens. We are filing this complaint before the
United Nations to ensure that U.S. policies and practices reflect not just
domestic constitutional standards, but accepted international human
rights principles regarding liberty and its deprivations.”Source
Since the 5th amendment is pretty much already gone under
judicial tyranny, one of the first things you can kiss goodbye is the 2nd amendment. The U.N. are already pushing for international gun control
, and you can bet the ACLU won't fight against that.

ACLU POLICY “The ACLU agrees with the Supreme Court’s
long-standing interpretation of the Second Amendment [as set forth in the
1939 case, U.S. v. Miller] that the individual’s right to bear arms
applies only to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia.
Except for lawful police and military purposes, the possession of
weapons by individuals is not constitutionally protected. Therefore, there
is no constitutional impediment to the regulation of firearms.” –Policy #47
Without any means to protect ourselves, lets take a look at crime in
the world of the ACLU. To begin with, many of our current crimes would
no longer be considered so. They don’t belive in zoning laws, and do
believe in fully legalalized, and unregulated prostitution. So there wouldn’t be any
law that could keep a prostitution house from being a certain distance
from your neighborhood, your Church, or your child’s preschool. This is
especially disturbing when they think child pornography distribution and possession should be
So, in the ACLU world, we would probably find it much like
Amsterdam, child prostitution rampant. Under the ACLU, All drugs would be legal, and Capitol Punishment
would completely be abolished.The 10th amendment would be gone, rendering all states rights to the
international community. We would become a welfare state, with our taxes
being used to redistribute wealth around the world, as long as the U.N.
didn't pocket it in scandals.

Freedom of religion would be eliminated. Churches would lose their tax exempt status, completely pushed
out of the public sphere, and forced to comply with international laws that compromise
their core values.

In spring 2003, a group from the United Nations Human
Rights Commission, of which former ACLU officials Paul Hoffman and John
Shattuck are a part, met and discussed a resolution to add “sexual
orientation” to the UNHRC’s discrimination list. Homosexual activists at the
meeting called for a “showdown with religion,” clearly intending to use
international law to silence religious speech that does not affirm
homosexual behavior. Source
What a scary and dangerous place this would be if it were given over to
the ACLU's vision for America. In no way would it resemble what our
founding father's intended. For the sake of our children, and their
children's future, Americans can not sit idly by and allow the ACLU's
radical agenda to continue. Help us expose the ACLU's radical agenda for
the subversive danger it is. Get involved. Donate and support
organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund and the ACLJ that are out there fighting the ACLU's agenda.
Contact your representatives and Senators and tell them to support Constitution Restoration Act that would put an end to the use of
foreign law in our courts. Tell them to support the The Public Expression of Religion Act which would
put a stop to taxpayer funding of the ACLU in establishment clause case.
Sign Our Petition To Stop Taxpayer Funding Of The ACLU. Pray that
America wakes up before its too late.

This was a production of Stop The
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