Monday, April 24, 2006

Arnold Abandons His Base

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger-R arrived in the State Capitol under the worst of circumstances. Then Governor Gray Davis-D had led California to the brink of financial disaster and couldn’t keep the power grid up and running. The state’s population had seen enough and voted in a special election to rid themselves of Davis before his term ended. Arnold ran as a moderate Republican who was going to be tough on fiscal issues. This was probably a wise political strategy considering California is left-leaning but still outraged at Davis’ incompetence.

Arnold survived numerous personal attacks from the Democrats. Accusations of sexual misconduct, steroids use, his Father’s Nazi ties and trumped up sexual harassment charges. The Governor-to-be took the liberal smear campaign head on. Arnold admitted the truthful allegations of his youthful steroid abuse, Hollywood-era escapades and clearly separated his views from his Father’s by pointing out his contributions to the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles, and his criticisms of his Father in public long before Gov. Davis came along . The sexual harassment case turned out to be of questionable origins. The accuser turned out to have political ties and the LA Times was caught trying to push that story. It was a series of cheap shots organized by the teacher’s union and their willing toadies in the media.
Even the national media kicked in by focusing mostly on the wacky candidates. Even though none of these questionable opponents had the poll numbers to support such media coverage, the Left tried to foist porn star Mary Cary, porn peddler Larry Flynt-D, actor Gary Coleman ,and sledgehammer comedian Gallager into the mix in a attempt to prove the recall to be a circus. Comments questioning California’s collective sanity were fodder for the talking heads on the national networks. This lack of serious coverage was exacerbated by ignoring the real candidates like Tom Mc Clintock-R, Bill Simon-R, and Peter Uberroth (former MLB commissioner). Even the leading Democrat Lt Gov Cruz Bustamonte (and his connections to MECHA) and Gov. Grey Davis-D escaped press scrutiny in favor of stories that distracted from the substance of the election. California’s fiscal and power grid problems disappeared into a smokescreen of political fluff.

The networks had their fun, but the California voters had the last laugh.

Gov. Davis was recalled by a 55.4%

Schwarzenegger won with 48.6%. Lt Gov Cruz Bustamonte finished a distant second with 31.5%., and conservative Republican Tom Mc Clintock received 13.5% of the vote. Nearly as important , none of the joke candidates got more that 0.3% of the vote. Proving once again that the networks are so far from mainstream America they hardly deserve to be taken any more seriously than the candidates they wrongly highlighted. Arnold stood victorious and the people put him in office as the best by filtering through all lies and distortions force fed them via television and newspapers. My point is this;

Gov Schwarzenegger you owe us one. You’re not going to get reelected by abandoning your base. The voters of California turned out in record numbers because we thought you’d bypass special interests and fulfill the needs of the state. This means a strong border. Don’t forget Californian’s voted in proposition 187 ( a law that was to cut off government funds to illegal immigrants) by a landslide. On this issue the people have been clear many times both state-wide and nationally and will continue to be so. Every poll taken on border security says the same thing. America wants a secure border. It‘s about time our leaders stop preaching to us and do their job. If Arnold won’t, someone else will.


Blogger Iran Watch said...

75% of Los Angeles's most wanted are illegal aliens?
That number is extraordinary. It's obviously gang related crime, but still.
MS-13 is becoming stronger than either LA's traditional gangs..the Crips are the Bloods.
This is unfortunate because in truth, most Mexicans are hard-working family oriented people.

April 25, 2006  
Blogger Brooke said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: In order to help defray the costs of these illegals, we need to charge Presidente Fox 1 barrel of oil per day per Mexican national in our jails, and one for every illegal we catch at the boarder. He'd solve the immigration problem for us; he wouldn't hesitate to put guards on the boarder rather than make that kind of a payout!

April 25, 2006  
Blogger kevin said...

You may have something there brooke. Migrants sent money home to Mexico is the second largest source of income for Fox's country.

IW,I totaly agree with you, all we want is a chance to filter out the criminals from the migrating masses.

April 25, 2006  

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